Best Western Monroe Inn and Suites
1151 N Black Horse Pike
Williamstown, NJ 08094-2838

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OMG, this is the dirtiest and nastiest "hotel" I have every had the misfortune of staying at.

There were obvious sign of bedbugs and the room looked like it never got clean from the previous guest. I complained and was put into another room that was supposed to have been inspected.

I made the mistake of taking the staff at their word and was horrified when I awoke from being bitten by BedBugs.

It was so nasty. I didn't feel safe and left but the hotel would not give me a refund and

were very rude and not helpful at all.

Stay Away

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This hotel is infested with bedbugs. On the first night I awoke to itching and had bite marks all over my legs and right arm.
Turned on the light and was disgusted by how many were on the bed. I call the front desk and they stated there was nothing they could do because they were sold out.
They would not give me my money back so I could go elsewhere and were very rude.

Be warned and do not stay here.

Hundreds of bedbugs on everything that woke up up. It was terrible. Staff did nothing. Would not issue a refund or anything. I'd rather stay in my car. This is the last place on earth I'd every go to again.

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