El Ray Motel
4711 Atlantic Ave
Wildwood, NJ 08260-4508

Found 3 reports:

Checked into this hotel September 23-27th 2015 for my boyfriends birthday, we stayed in room 23 on the second floor. The 2nd night I noticed red welts on this arms . he thought it was mosquito bumps. He began to itch them and they began to get red and big. They look like they are eating him and his skin. it's gross, When we came back he was itching them like crazy., took him to the hospital and found out they are bed bugs.

Went to bed august 30th at 11pm in room 19 at the el Ray motel. Woke up at 1230 with bites I thought it was a mosquito. Went back to sleep u see the covers to get away from the mosquito. Woke up at 238am with three times the amount of bites. I got out of bed and woke up my wife. She took the sheets off the bed and found a bed bug. I reacted badly to the bites but the next evening her bites came out which means she was not as well and she was sleeping in the other bed with our son.

Bed bug infestation

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