Best Value Sea Foam Motel
4110 Atlantic Ave
Wildwood, NJ 08260-4733

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Do not go here unless you want to throw away all your clothing and get bitten in your sleep! The couches hotel is infested

This hotel was awful! I stayed there about 2 weeks ago with my family. We thought the springs sticking out of the beds was going to be the worst part of the beds. The next morning my son woke up with small spots of blood on the sheets, bite marks on his legs, and under closer inspection of the lining of the mattress we found tiny black BED BUGS! When I looked closer ther

e were small dropping in bug carcasses near the stand of the bed. My bed in the other room also had several small bugs by the headboards which would seem as if they have infested the walls as well! My wife and I had bites on her scalp and shoulders.

We said something to the manager and they yelled at me and my wife, called us liars, and even spit at me as I was walking out! (This was in addition to them trying to charge us extra because we accidental miss marked 1 person instead of 5 for a 6 person room, which was a mistake from That 1st problem resulted in them both threatening to kick us out and posting a note on the front door demanding I spend my vacation time talking to him about the discrepancy. He also cursed out the rep...

My wife saw a roach by the barbecues. And I wouldn't be surprised if there was also roddents although I don't have proof to support that. We checked out immediately and fought all the charges! This was by far the dirtiest, nastest flee bag motel I've ever scene, and the managment was so rude that I have no idea how they could possibly stay in business. Also the pool they show online is not actually the pool that is there!

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Friday August 2, 2013

I spent a Friday night at this hotel with my two sons and a girlfriend of one of my sons. The boys shared a bed and the girls shared a bed. Saturday late afternoon and evening bumps started appearing on my shoulder arms and neck. I thought they were hives until I googled images of the bed bug bits. I called my son's girlfriend who shared the bed with me and she had several on her back in a line formation just like mine, she said they were very itchy also, like mine.


he bed was the ONLY place her and I shared any common laying or sitting area during the whole trip. My sons have not shown any signs of them yet but I read that the bites show up any where from a few hours to a week later.

I called the hotel owner to let him know what happened so he could check the room and he went postal on me and hung up the phone. So I found this site and decided to report it.

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