Waters Edge Motel
5600 Beach Ave
Wildwood Crest, NJ

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On August 26, 2013 my husband, 11 month old and myself, checked into the Waters Edge. We were in a fourth floor room. At first my husband and I were laying in the bed furthest from the window and everything was fine. The baby woke up and I took him in bed with me, so my husband went into the bed next to the window. After about ten minutes, he jumped out of the bed, thinking a mosquito was biting him. After throwing off the blanket and exposing the white sheets, you could see several bedbugs c

rawling around. As a few minutes passed, more and more started to emerge. My husband put about 5 bugs in a plastic Baggie and went to the main desk. They were very apologetic but had no other rooms for us. They found us a room at a neighboring hotel. We spent that entire night, putting everything into plastic bags and moving into a different hotel with a very unhappy baby. We had to throw out our luggage and everything else that was by that bed. It was a NIGHTMARE!

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The owners and staff at the WATER'S EDGE OCEAN RESORT are disheartened by the review we received concerning bed bugs. We take every PRECAUTION to ensure that our accommodations are clean and enjoyable for our guest. We use Drake Pest Management to inspect regularly and we are certified by their company that we are bed bug and pest free. A copy of that certification can be provided by calling our office at 609-522-9440. We hope you consider all of the good rev

iews we have received over the years and not just one unfounded review.

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Last week of August 2012, bedbugs bit my sons on the first night at the Water Edge Resort in a 4th floor room. I looked at the sheets, but I did not see anything when I checked after seeing the bites. We went to the beach and of that day my young kids got a full sunburn inspection and went to bed with the 2o or so bites. After the 2nd night they had lots and lots of bites on them when they awoke...then we knew for sure these were bedbugs, and we turned on our wireless and compared the bites in t

he photos to our sons...exactly the same. My wife and I stayed in the other bed in the same room...not a bite. Management/owner, who at first claimed he was the pool boy for 25 years(Unfortunately I knew who he was as I recognized him from prior visits and would not admit he was the manager or owner) came up to the room after I saw a dead bedbug in the mattress padding and a big brown/red mark on sheets. They sent a pest company over and took the bed apart...nothing found. Pest guy looked at my sons bites....silence. I told the pest guys to look at the bedding...guess what...management took it right away and could not produce it for the pest guys....hmmmm. We asked to get a refund for the next night of our trip we were to stay, they declined that request and held us there for our 3rd night, but they did give us another room...guess what, that room probably has bedbugs now too. After reading advice on the internet, we took our clothes to a laundromat, and sure enough, bedbugs in the clothing in our bags, confirmed for sure. Nightmare trip! Very poor management at hotel. We have stayed here many times with mediocre happiness about the facility, needless to say, our last visit there...ever.

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