Shalimar Motel
6405 Atlantic Ave
Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260-4145

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This hotel and royal canadian are owned by the same people. We were at royal canadian and 2 rooms are currently full of bedbugs as many others I am sure are as well. Stay 5/30/2014-6/1/2014. We had to leave early, my kids were bit. I still haven't heard from the owners but trust u me I will or I will go up there.

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Anonymous 10/15/2010
This post was done from a local to the area of Wildwood Crest. She occasionally would book a room for her son and daughter in law and we would give them an excellent rate. We were contacted 6 months AFTER their check out date, the couple stated they had found tiny bites on their body, and they asked for a refund of their stay. We advised them that we thoroughly clean and check each room during a customer stay and as each

and every customer checks out. Nothing was found in their room, or the entire property. We did respond to their phone call with our results and they still requested a refund. We told them we could not comply with their request, and explained to them that their accusations were false. It took them 6 months to contact us and almost 1 year to post on this site. They placed this post to be malicious because they did not receive a refund, there is not one bit of truth to their claim.

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This is not a report... it is a response to sender.
Response to Ms. Stoney,
Ms. Stoney made a reservation on 9/22/2010 for a 10/1/2010 arrival. Upon making the reservation she was informed of our cancellation policy, and her deposit would be non-refundable as she was already within the cancellation period. On 9/29/2010 she called to cancel her room stating that the weather was going to be “bad” and she did not think she could drive. At that time we actually offered Ms. Stoney the

opportunity to change her dates without penalty to her deposit. She declined. Ms. Stoney was not charged for a room she did not stay in, she forfeited her deposit when she cancelled her reservation. AT NO TIME did Ms. Stoney mention the post she found on this website (which was a false accusation). If she did we would have been made aware that this post even existed and could have taken measures to correct these false statements earlier. It is a shame that Ms. Stoney cancelled her reservation based on the false statements of others.
We take great pride in the cleanliness of our property and our customer service. We would like our guests to be comfortable without the worry of reading these false reports.

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I wanted to go to the Shalimar Motel but before I went I read the Bedbug Registry and decided not to stay there because of the report of bedbugs. However, they already had my credit card on record and charged me $173.00 anyway for a room I did not stay in....they would not credit my account. All in all, I am glad I did not stay there because I would be horrified if I brought any begbugs home with me!!!! Stay out of this place!!! This is a great way to treat senior citizens....or any person!!


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I stayed at the Shalimar on Saturday, October 2. Both my husband and I were affected. I phoned the hotel to inform them, spoke with the front desk clerk and gave her my information. Would you believe they never called us back?? I ended up having a terrible allergic reaction. Both the emergency room and my dermatologist confirmed that the bites on my body were the result of bed bugs. This was the only place we've stayed at other than our own home, which is free of bed bugs, for the past few month


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