Montego Bay Resort
1800 Boardwalk
North Wildwood, NJ 08260-5403

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i stayed at montego bay resort room 215 had bed bugs all over the room i left and will never go back there they were under the blankets and they were about 8 i saw

Montego Bay NEVER NEVER WILL GO BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was the worst vacation ever don't plane your vacation at montego bay.YOU will be SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 1 2014 when we got to our first room their were roaches in the refrigerator blood in the bed and poop in the toilet we then went down to the front desk where there were no workers only a security guard. He was acting as a worker / security he gave us another room but when we got here there is water damage microwave disgusting floors disgusting beds disgusting bugs everywhere you cant even iron your clothes because the ironing board was molded all in all this hotel is horrible and I would str

ongly suggest no one not even a rat that's been out in the shipyard for years to live or stay in this place more than 5 minutes!

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Have stayed here for many years. We will never go back. The place is filthy and in dire need of renovations. Bugs were all over the place....rugs are disgusting and we were very Leary of sitting on the furniture due to it being very dirty. Looking now for a different motel to stay.

Feb 14 2013,4th flr,oceanfront room..408 or wife got bit and I was bit,didnt think it was bed bugs as Ive never encountered them & we have stayed here at least 10times in the past & that doesnt include my inlaws. Room wasnt the cleanest when we got there but we overlooked it. They really need to teach the housekeeping staff to check for this things or put mattress encasements on beds & boxsprings.Long story short,we brought them back home,have since paid for box spring,mattress & pillow

encasements,over $500 on exterminator & they still have to do follow visits that we need to pay for.Not to mention dermatologist copays.We didnt want anything(compensation or freebies)but we called to let them know indeed we got bed bugs from there hotel.The girl Meghan on the phone was rude,actually told me we never stayed there & she didnt have me in the system,as if I had nothing better to do than to make this up.All the purpose of the call was so they could be ware of the situation and fix it so others wouldnt have to deal with it,a apology would be nice to.When I told Meghan that I would get the printout from Visa showing my payment confirmation her tune changed,she then said a manager would call back.The owner called my wife back,completely rude saying he is going to refute what she says on tripadvisor(even though if u dig further back into tripadvisor their are other b.b.complaints).She said that was fine,he then said he had a bb sniffing dog come out for $1000 to check 3 random rooms on the 4th flr & nothing came up,my wife said it was in the outside rooms(also it doesnt cost $1000 just for the dog to inspect,i know as ive become quite the bb expert thanks to montego bay),its more like $1000 for treatment,$300 to $500TOPS for a dog inspection.He then said his exterminator was gonna type up a report saying its ok(nice,im sure he paid himoff & not to mention ALL ROOMS WERENT CHECKED).She said great,we have contacted NJ Dept of Health,they will do a unannounced inspection.So hopefully for them they can have the bed bugs gone before the inspectors come.Again we never wanted or asked for anything,just to let them know & get a apology,instead they were indignant,rude & acted like we were liars.Ive NEVER experienced anything like this in my life.So they can do there rebuttal,they have lost my family,inlaws,my sis in law & we also met 3 couples we keep in touch with that we met there at the beef n beer who will no longer be going there & spreading the word.I wanted to do it nicely and quietly but we didnt need to be verbally attacked considering the bugs in there beds attacked us.

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Room was dirty when we got there, my daughter was walking on the carpet and her feet were black in no time. I just figured the place was going downhill over the past few years. Didn't have the bites until we got home. I got it the worst, all over my arms and legs. Had to throw mattress away and get house bombed. So, after paying $2000 for a 4 day stay, I'm also paying another $2000 to get my house back to normal. NEVER STAY HERE!!!!!!

I had bed bugs in my room on the first floor on Aug. 29,2010. We got moved to the sixth floor and did not see another bug but we still have our luggage in the freezer. We were very respectful of the hotel and kept our misery quite but we never received an apology or a thank you. I wish we had spread the word so that others would have been alerted.

Arrived Sunday, August 29th, 2010. Our luggage was place in the room about 4PM. We unpacked and left the room to walk boardwalk. I returned to room at about 9PM. Went to bed with lights on and TV on and was woken by tickling on my arm. Got out of bed found my eye glasses and inspected the bed and found bugs. I called front desk immediatley and they sent up staff to inspect. They immediately retreived luggage cart and we emptied room of personal belongings and put us in a room on the 6th f

loor. Its a very frightening for all of us. We were with a group. We did not want to set out a panic among the rest of them. But it was not the only incident we heard of while we stayed there.

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