Acropolis Motor Inn
300 John F Kennedy Beach Dr
North Wildwood, NJ 08260-5946

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Our family stayed at the acropolis in wildwood nj we checked in on June 26, 2013 upon entering the room we found the room to be outdated and musky. When we went back to room after a long day at the shore, one of my kids jumped into bed after a shower. When he lifted the bed covers he saw a small creature moving, he jumped out of bed and called us. After inspecting the bed we found many more bugs that looked like pictures of bed bugs that we googled. I immediately went to the front office whe

re they refused to give me refund so I can go elsewhere. They switched rooms for us and Nick the owner said that this never happened before, which was a lie because it was all over on trip advisor and this site.
They were so pleased to take our money, but were unresponsive and did not care when we showed them the bed bugs. This place is a health hazard, from the mold to the bed bugs I caution everyone to find another place.

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July-August 2012:
A friend who is close to the family is an employee at the Acropolis Motel, and after a visit to our house for a few days (where they slept on our living room sofa) we noticed red bite marks on our arms, legs, and backs. Then, I remembered the story about finding bedbugs in the acropolis told by our friend. We decided that it was probably bite marks from fleas that may've been brought in by our dog. Then, a few days ago we noticed that there were hundreds of bedbugs all over ou

r sofa and climbing around that area. Now, we need to get rid of all of the furniture in that room and in other infected areas and cover everything in the house with plastic wrap for an exterminator to take care of the problem brought in from the Acropolis. This problem should be solved and completely gone before the Health Department finds it. Here's a tip: never stay at this disgusting motel.

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Stayed at Acropolis week of 7/14/2012 with wife and 13 year old grand daughter. About mid-week wife and grand daughter both noticed what appeared to be small blood spots on the sheets of their seperate beds. Wife told the staff -- and said she was concerned something had bitten her. She asked to have sheets chsnge which was done that day. On Friday morning 7/20 at about 10AM a member of hotel management along with another gentleman (a pest control contractor) came to our room and inspected the b

eds. The inspector immediaqtely confirmed evidence of bedbug activity on both beds and showed us the tell-tail sign alongs the rope beading about the edge of the mattress and box springs (smalldark spots,bedbug fecal matter,and bedbugs). Needless to say we were quite upset and discusted. Management expressed surprise and implied they had not seen this before. By the way ---this was Romm No. 200 = the same room reported previously on this website in 2010 to have had evidence of bedbugs activity.

We were offered another room to finish the week --Room 505. Wife, grand daughter and I decide to check those mattresses first before moving everything to another room. Grand daughter promptly showed me a bug moving on the top of the box spring under one of the mattress and I also showed this to a maid that was present. Honestly can't say for sure the this was a "bedbug" --- but that did it for us. We just wanted to get out of there as quickly a possible. Management was very appologetic and refunded 2 nights lodging.

Of course the big concern we have now is to properly treat all our clothing. luggage, etc. that we had in the infested Room 200 before bringing it into our home, as well as treating our car that was used to transport our belonging.

Obviously a very disgusting and disappointing experience ----- something we never thought could happen to us.

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I stayed at this hotel with my mother and sister from April 29 to May 2, 2010. Each of us had a different room, and I was checked in to Room 200.

Before putting my luggage down and settling into the 2-bed room, I checked for bedbugs in the room by pulling the sheets off the mattresses and looking around for any signs of bedbugs. I did not find any at the time. I slept in the room, and when I woke up the next day I sat up in bed and noticed something peculiar about the bed next to me.


the part of the bed just under the mattress, there were several dark, smudge-like spots. I had missed this during my inspection the day before! I proceeded to lift up the mattress, and what I saw was a disgusting image I will never forget: there were thousands of little black spots on the underside of the mattress! After seeing this sign of bedbugs, I gathered my things and moved into my sister's room, which appeared to be safe.

When I returned home, I took my suitcases and carefully unpacked their contents in the bathtub, preparing them to be washed. I also took out my steam cleaner and blasted my suitcases with steam to kill anything that might have moved into my luggage. After the steaming of my luggage, I placed it all in the trunk of my car for a week in hopes that the hot temperature of the trunk would kill any bugs that might have been missed by the steam.

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