Wyndham Gardens Hotel
1 Haynes Ave, Us Highway
Newark, NJ

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On June 27, 2012 we stayed at the Wyndham Gardens Hotel. I borrowed one of the bed pillows to use in the car for my back. My back is now full of the scabies mite that the pillow was infested with. I carried the scabies back to California with me and have been fighting the mites ever since . This has been a horrible and expensive experience trying to get rid of them.

On Friday, April 27, 2012, I missed my connecting flight through Newark and had to find a place to stay until another flight was available in the morning. I chose to stay at the Wyndham Gardens Hotel Newark Airport and slept in room 365.

I was bitten by bedbugs in a dozen places on the legs during the night. I'm angry and terrified that I may have carried them home with me somehow.

Stayed at this hotel 1 night, evening of Oct 18, 2011. United flight to Portugal was missed due to late connection. I was given a voucher for this hotel by United.

The morning of check out I was woken up by a lot of loud activity. All the rooms on the opposite side of the hall had been gutted and furniture as well as new mattresses still in plastic were in the hall. Thought it was an odd time to be remodeling, but who knows. I took a few photos of this.

About 12 hours later, on my fli

ght to Europe, I started itching, and it finally hit me what the real situation was. Upon arrival at next hotel I checked myself in a mirror and found 15+ bites on my left arm, shoulder, and neck (I typically sleep on my left side, hand under my head, so my arm was probably easy access.

Since the rooms were being gutted, I know they knew there was a problem, and since the stay was on voucher, nothing to refund. So I didn't bother following up. Reading other's experiences, I'm convinced it wouldn't have mattered.

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My wife, daughter and I stayed at this hotel at 550 Route 1 South Newark, New Jersey 07114, Phone: 973-824-4000. My wife woke up to finding a bed bug crawling inches from my 1 year old daughter's head. We notified the management of the issue and were moved to another room. This is when I decided to do some investigating and came across this site. I feel sick to my stomach and will not be sleeping. I will wait to talk to the manager in the morning, which I am not sure is going to do anything

considering that this seems to be a continuous people.

The only reason that we stayed here is because our flight was rescheduled and Continental gave us a voucher for this hotel. Please be warned that this place is what people are writing, a dump that I am sure is well aware of there problem, and it probably is out of control which is why you will continue to see more and more posts

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Stayed here September 20, 2011. I've been trying to post this on Hotels.com which is how I booked the room but they won't post my negative review so I was relieved to find this site so I can warn people! Luckily we never even took our bags off of the cart that we brought them up the elevator in so no bedbugs traveled home with us but there were 2 bedbugs in the room (that we saw). One in the bathroom and one on the wall near the desk. My husband works for a pest control company and found it

strange that the bugs were on the walls and not on the mattress or behind the headboard (oh yes, we checked). This is usually a sign that the room was recently treated and the bugs scattered from their normal hiding spots. There was further evidence that the room may have recently been treated because the edges of the carpet were ripped up where they possibly sprayed. We collected our "samples" and brought them to the desk and checked out immediately. Our money was refunded by Hotels.com and the manager was apologetic about the situation but you could tell this had happened to them before...they didn't seem surprised at all. This place is disgusting, smelly and infested. STAY AWAY!!!

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This report is for the Wyndham Garden hotel - Newark Airport, located at 550 US Rt 1 South. (I believe this is the same property that others have reported as 1 Haynes Ave.)

I spent the night of October 5th 2011, and discovered extensive bites the following Monday, Oct 10th, 2011. This is consistent with the 5-to-9-day lag time often experienced before a victim reacts to and becomes aware of bites.

I have reported this incident to Wyndham management.

Woke up itching in the AM after a 1 night stay. Found 1 bedbug in sink after washing my face and 1 fell off me in shower. May be more, will wash clothes and vacuum bags when arrive home. 7/31/11

10/8/10 in a time range from 11:00 pm and 12:30 am I got bit by the bed bug on room 338, I counted about 33 bites on my feet arms neck shoulders and face. I called front desk and they moved us to room 569 no bed bugs there, next day in the afternoon after gettin back from work they chaged our stuff to room 541 without advising us. Management did not do a lot for us but just to reemburse us for 2 nights out of 7, I had to go to the emergency room to threat my skin cause i was in so much pain.

Two bedbug bits Oct 5-6, 2010.

On 10/11/09 United Airlines cancelled our late afternoon flight to SFO and gave my wife and me an $89 voucher to stay in the Wyndham Gardens hotel near the Newark airport. The room was severely infested with bedbugs, My wife suffered itching for 3-4 days, Now, four weeks later, I remain afflicted. The Newark Health Dept needs to fumigate or close this hotel. Gib