Springhill Suites Newark Liberty International Airport
652 Us-1 & 9
Newark, NJ 07114

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April 20, 2011 our family stayed the night at this hotel in room # 432. When we woke up in the morning my 9 year old had 57 bites on her body and my 6 year old had 40 bites. We immediately called the manager to come to the room. the manager did not come we were greeted by the housekeeping manager and the director of facilities. we flipped the mattress of one of the beds and there were at least 10 bed bugs running around. We actually got some in a cup. When we flipped the other mattress we

saw bed bugs and blood stains on the box spring cover at the foot of the bed. There is definetely an infestation because these were large bugs. The hotel acted very casual to this which upset us even more.

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