Sheraton Newark Airport Hotel
128 Frontage Rd
Newark, NJ

Found 4 reports:

Found bedbugs at this location.

Stayed in this large full service hotel and did not expect to find an engorged bedbug slowly walking across the bedspread. I reported the problem and checked out. Hotel staff was very apologetic... and told me that all the hotel funished were going to be replaced in a few weeks when the Hotel changes ownership to a DoubleTree Hilton.

Went on Oct 5-7, 2011 with 3 rooms booked, and NO problems what so ever. Checked everything and was O.K. Kudos to management for dilangence in this matter.

Unknowingly, we encountered bedbugs at this location in June of 2010.

When we contacted the hotel in July asking if they had had problems, they confirmed that they had, but not " in some time". We asked how long that was they said, "About a month"...which was how long it had been since we had been there.

The management was very cooperative. Returned our calls and refunded our stay.

I would be sure to check for bed bug signs before staying at this location.

I checked in late one night (10/06)after traveling all day for business only to find that after pulling back the covers and getting ready to pass out for the night that the sheets had quite a few bed bugs crawling on top of them. This first floor room was not the most up to date space in the world to begin with and when I reported the problem to management (who showed no surprise at all) they were very friendly and willing to give me another room or book me at a nearby hotel (only problem was t

hat there were no nearby vacancies so I had to travel down the Turnpike a ways to get to a better place).

As a regular traveler (and survivor of a near bedbug infestation) my gut tells me to always check the sides of the matress, the top of the sheets, etc before unpacking. Good luck.

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