Sheraton-Newark Airport
128 Frontage Rd
Newark, NJ 07114-3700

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September 4th 2012. Stayed at Doubletree Hotel by Hilton ( former Sheraton-Newark) with my husband and 9 months old baby. We had a room with two double beds. I put my baby to sleep and lay him down on the bed. Me and my husband were sitting and watching tv until about 2am. When I was ready to go sleep with my baby I try to move the pillow when I discovered big bug walking under the pillow. I freaked out and right away call the front desk. In the meantime we started checking the bed and found thr

ee more little bed bugs. The manager offered another room right away, give us free breakfast coupons and since it was pay in advance purchase they could not refund the money but offered a mail in certificate for one free night in any doubletree. Next morning I noticed that by baby was bitten six times on his leg. This is so scarry and should never happended.Since i came back from my trip I`m worried if I brought any bugs along to my house. I washed and cleaned everything..but I`m still scared.

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