Howard Johnson Hotel Newark Airport
20 Frontage Rd
Newark, NJ

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Aug. 2, 2014 is when my husband along with our kids checked in. The front desk gave us room 216, a 2-bed non-smoking. When we got there, it smelled vomit and outside the bathroom there was still some vomit left. We demanded to be transferred then Neal, the manager got us room 219. It smelled okay and we were tired and it was getting late so we settled in. In the morning with light on the room, I saw disgusting bedbugs on my pillow and a fly in the bathroom. I went to front desk, Monica to report

it and she said to just wait for the manager and dismissed me.

Now I have to go home with these bed bugs and my kids were exposed to it. I hope the City of Newark can do something about protecting the public and have strict inspection every year before they can operate a motel/hotel business. This is detrimental to health and to the public.

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I stayed in room 242 October 17th-October 20th 2013 and left with multiple bed bug bites on my arms, feet and back. DO NOT STAY HERE.

This hotel is full of bed bugs. Avoid this hotel like the plague !

I stayed in room 346, I checked in on July 5th. I slept fine for two weeks then all of a sudden on the morning of the 17th I was covered in bed bug bites. I complained to the manager Victor Ratan who really did not care so I filed a complaint to HOJO customer service and they changed my room on 7/19. I even showed them pictures of the actual bugs and the bites I received. These geniuses did not do anything, did not spray or steam the bed, instead they checked in someone else into room 346, and

they wonder why bed bugs are an epidemic!

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You would do better sleeping on a park bench then staying at this terrible hotel FIRST I have BED BUG BITES all over my arms and back the rooms are EXTREMELY FILTHY I stayed in room 250 this was my first encounter with bed bugs i had to call my husband and ask question about what they look like and why i was scratching so much I will be contacting my attorney...... BEWARE DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dates of stay where 4/12-4/13 2011 Please head my warning Im not jus an

overly sensitive traveler this hotel is really trash and needs to be shut dwn

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I stayed at the Howard Johnsons in Newark (Frontage Rd), and left with bed bug bites all down my arm and back. This was the Only hotel I stayed at and its very Obvious the bites occured at that facility. I just looked the hotel up online for bed bug complaints and found 8 other complaints so far for this Same hotel concerning Bed bugs. The date was Saturday, February 26th, 2011. I so far called the hotel twice to speak to a manager and ws told none were available, and they would call me back. So

far, No call back. The person I did speak to was very snotty and in denial. To be continued,.................

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On October 17th, I woke up with a bed bug bite on my arm. I discovered more as the day went on and I stayed in room 234. When I returned to the hotel in the evening I was moved to Room 213. I awoke the next morning with more bites. That night I was switched to Room 308, where I was forced to spend two evenings and awoke with bites each of those days with more throughout the day. Bed bugs are fairly rampant in the New York area, so perhaps hotels can't be fully blamed for this, but there are thi

ngs they can do to make it better, like:

(a) have a vacuum that is newer than 40 years old.
(b) wash their sheets in hot water and replace them regularly (these beds also have thos disgusting bed covers instead of duvets)
(c) offer to clean people's clothes when they discover bed bug infestation, instead of refusing to admit that there is an infestation and refuse to help them clean their clothes.
(d) don't treat your customers that you have infested like they are 2nd class citizens.
(e) replace mattress with blood stains and rips (where the bed bugs hide) -- see photos

The worst part was not so much getting the bed bugs, although this is an incredibly horrible and humiliating experience...not to mention costly to dry-clean all your clothes. But it was that they called me a liar when I showed them my bites and refused to help me in any way to clean my clothes.

The staff and manager were all rude, inconsiderate and the entire hotel and all the rooms smelled like chemicals. Worst food I ever had in their dingy cafe that arrived at my table cold. Also one morning this woman with lesions on her face got into the elevator with me and had blood stains on her housecoat. That's the type of clientele this crummy hotel attracts.

RUN FAR AWAY, go to the Sheritan, Holiday Inn, ANYWHERE at Newark Airport but this place. It's not worth it.

Oh yeah, and there was a fitness centre, but it was closed with the lights off almost the entire time and the internet access was so slow that I couldn't make skype calls.

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