Best Western Plus Newark Airport West
101 International Way
Newark, NJ 07114

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I'm in a habit of checking for bedbugs and we tried three different rooms and there were bedbugs in all three rooms so we called Expedia and demanded a refund and left.

I noticed the day I left within hours that welts began to appear on my arms and later that night my face. I thought they were bed bugs so I looked it up on web MD and sure enough, that is what they were. ihave pictures , and had to wash all my clothing and luggage needs to be exterminated. I am ourpt of the country now, I just am asking for reimbursement for room, and nothing else. I really liked your hotel and thout you needed to know.
Ruth Mangiacapre room 513 Sept 10. 2015

If you fail

to pay attention to this,I will report it elsewhere.

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I stayed there on Sept 10 th, 2015. I noticed bumps that were very itchy breaking out for the rest of the day into the night after I left on my arms, legs and face. I googled what the bed bug bites might look like and their symptoms, and sure enough , I saw what I had. I would have reported it. It had little time to get to my flight to Canada...