Trump Plaza
One Miss America Way
Atlantic City, NJ 08401-4162

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Just returned from 2 days at NJEA convention.
Room 991 - filthy and only a sheet on the bed in Executive Suite. Moved me to 1290,Executive Suite- yeah right!!! woke up on Friday morn with bites on back , arms, shoulder and collar bone. No ironing board or iron, brought by help and was literally bent and broken with iron attached to bd. No sugar with coffee pot, Old Zenith TV in ALL rooms!! cigarette smell in all rooms, cig holes in bench. Stuck in the 80's , dirty elevators, keys did

n't work, fillllthy hotel!!! Left a day early to get out once I recognized bed bugs in room.

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I stayed at this hotel on September 28, 2010. I wasn't as aware of what to look for concerning bedbugs as I am now. I was going there because I had a free room. I thought the room was dirty upon first arriving. Just had a musty kind of feel as if it hadn't been cleaned in awhile. I figured this is what happens when you get a free room, put it out of my mind and we went on to the casino. We didn't get back into bed until around 2am. I didn't do an inspection of the bed area. Within an hour

I started to feel little bites to my ankle/leg area. I jumped out of bed a few times and threw the sheets back. (again, I really didn't know at this point what I was looking for or how to do a proper inspection). I did however see black specs on the sheets. That was very noticible just by looking around my feet area. I got back in bed and within a short time started feeling itchy around my feet/leg area. I got out of bed and brought a large bath towel and layed that on top of the sheet. We only stayed one night. Within the next day I remember thinking to myself (why do you have mosquito bites on your legs..where were you that you would have gotten bit) Again, not knowing what I know now, I put it out of my mind. I know believe the bed I slept in did have bed bugs. I threw out the luggage I brought with me. After reading all the complaints from various Atlantic city hotels, I will not be staying there again anytime soon.

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November of 2009 I was staying at the Trump Plaza for a conference. I woke up around 6 am for class when my roommate and friend said I had a bug on my bed. I jumped up and pulled back the sheets giving site to at least one dozen visible bed bugs! I immediately showered and gathered all my things, as well as my friend. She did not have as many visible bugs, however, she was was bit three times in the back. Unfortunately, she was allergic to the bites which resulted in large red welts. She had to

go on antibiotic for same. Trump Plaza was less than helpful when this incident was reported, they did not try to find me a new room and would not clean my clothes. I had to take all my clothes to a local laundromat in a very high crime area and wash all my items that could be washed. Ultimately, I had to get an attorney for items lost that they would not cover.

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