Showboat Casino Hotel
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Me and my fiance stay at showboat hotel for valentine time weekend 2/14/2014 yo 2/16/2014 and Sunday Morning I woke up with bedbugs bits on me and my fiance.and i call the front desk to let them know i got bit by bedbugs .and they sent security to the room and flip the matress over and said i dont see no bedbugs..and he said call this number on tuesday.Ok we call that number one Lady call back one time .and never call back.I would not go back there every.

My Husband and I checked into showboat room on Friday Dec. 6 for the weekend, as soon we got to our room I started the inspection of the room (I always do that at any hotel) when I got to the bathroom I noticed a bug in the tub, I asked my husband what it looked like and he said he don't know maybe a spider then he looked closer and said it looked like a bedbug I called the front desk, they in turn send "security" he looked at the bug then looked at the zoomed in picture and said yes its a bedbu

g, at this time I was so disgusted, he took a report and we left the room and went down to the front desk, but I realized they did not seemed surprised. They checked us into the "premium room" in the "Diamond" members section and gave us a $50 credit.

However, I don't think I would ever stay at Showboat again as this was a horrible experience and I pray that these bugs don't eventually show up in my house.

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My boyfriend and I stayed there November 2,2013. I never had bed bugs before, never had any signs. I come home to find out I must have dragged them with me. They were all over my body - bites everywhere. I would not recommend staying here.

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My family and I (my mom, husband, son and I) stayed at Showboat from 9/29/13-10/4/13 in one room. We were there all week with about 20 bags, 6 of which had lots of clothes and shoes. On Thursday afternoon, I packed everything up so we could enjoy our last night there and would not be concerned with packing. As soon as I was done, my son saw a bug crawling on the headboard. We caught the bug on a tissue and tried to shake it into the toilet. It would not come off the tissue, so we put it in a pla

stic bag to be sure it could not get loose. We looked up bed bugs on the internet and it was the same exact bug. At that point we were totally horrified. We had all these bags and stayed all week. We immediately called the front desk and they sent security to our room. He came and made out a report and while he was there, we saw another one crawling out of the headboard. He took a picture of it and a picture of my son's arm where he had been bitten. My son thought it was mosquito bites, but we realized it must have been bed bug bites. We were given a new room to move to, some plastic bags and a luggage cart, which we were told to return when we were done. We put all our belongings into plastic bags and in about 4 trips we moved to the other room. This took us the whole night. I talked to the supervisor and asked if he could put us somewhere for an extra night so we could secure the problem before we went home (putting clothes in dryer, etc.) He said it was out of his hands and if we wanted to stay it would be $400.00. If we had won a lot of money they would have had no problem comping us a room. I told him I didn't care what kind of room, we just needed some time. We were told we needed to talk to Risk Management but they were already gone for the day. So we stayed up all night doing what we could, throwing everything into bags. While in the second room we needed things out of the bags, so we had to open them to look for medications, underwear, etc. If we would have had the time, we would not have had to reopen the bags. By the time we left the hotel, we didn't know if we were coming or going. We put our things in our van, went home and put everything in the basement. I have been going through bag by bag, putting a few things at a time in the dryer. The problem is, some bags were not sealed because of the frantic state we were in, being in such a rush. Also, we brought the suitcases in and I didn't think of putting them in big black bags until our second night. So anything that was around, could have gotten into the carpet in the car and into our basement. On Friday morning I spoke to Risk Management and they were so nice. "We're so sorry, let us comp you breakfast before you leave." Well that just made everything better. When we got home, I had a message from their service that checks the room. The message was left on Friday at 9:30 am, and we were still going in and out of that room so there was no way the room had been checked yet. He did call me back this morning telling me that there was no evidence of the bugs. I told him that security had taken pictures, but he said there were no "alleged" pictures taken. If he would have been honest about the pictures, I might have believed there was no problem, believe me, the last thing I need is a problem at home, but because they denied the things we know about, how can I trust him. The hotel will not admit their liability in this but by lying to me, I can have a major problem at home. I have been up since I got home putting my clothes, bedding, and everything into plastic bags just in case so I don't ruin the stuff I had at home. We probably won't know if there is a problem for a while, and I probably won't sleep for longer than that, but I don't know what to do. Risk management was nice on Friday while we were there, I guess they didn't want us to make a scene, but today, they were nasty and accusing us of lying. They said we should have known what to do about our bags and clothes and it was our responsibility to take care of the problem. She said all good hotels have this problem, and I agreed with that, but a good hotel would help with the situation, not make things worse by denying the problem and treating you with such disrespect that you not only want to cry about the bed bugs, but about the way you are treated. My mom was with us and she has been sick with worry and I haven't stopped worrying or slept in days. I know there is nothing we can do, and I pray with all my heart that I didn't bring the problem home, but for now all I can do is vent

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we stayed in showboat in march got bitten up by bed bugs but they were not in the room visible they were hiding in the headboard... the risk management was handling it ... but they are a joke,,. they don't pay for the stuff you threw out ,, still working on this one... showboat is way off limits

I checked into Showboat Atlantic City around 5 PM. Upon arrival, I dropped my belongings off (Orleans Tower) in my room and met up with the rest of my family for the rest of the night. When I returned to the room around 11:30 PM at night I sat on one of the double beds. Immediately, I noticed a large bug by the television and killed it. I didn't pay much attention to that bug because there are bugs everywhere. Then, I began to notice that there were smaller, tick-like looking bugs on an

d around the bed next to me. I started to kill them (like ants). After killing and seeing about 3 of these bugs, I called the front desk to complain. They moved me to an "upgraded" room in a different tower. I filed a report with security. When I woke up, it dawned on me that those bugs could be bed bugs so I googled the image. Low and behold - the small bugs I was seeing were bed bugs. I told the front desk that the bugs last night were in fact bed bugs. They offered me plastic bags and told me that the risk management department would take care of any dry cleaning bills. I also had an experience the same morning where my shower was not working for 2 hours - waited for the plumber to arrive. Showboat comped $50 dollars to the bill. I have been trying to get in contact with the hotel manager every day since I left. I want another comped room (at a different location - probably Harrah's) for the inconvenience of potentially bringing home the bed bugs, and overall stressful, unsatisfied experience. I will NEVER stay at Showboat EVER AGAIN.

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we stayed in showboat... got bed bugs reported it packed everything in plastic and got outta there as fast as I could... security took reports hotel people very nice.. but risk management is a nightmare ...

7/2013 Stayed in the tower where they have pet friendly rooms with our dog. Had more than one room and both smelled very muggy and moldy. Woke up in the middle of the night feeling stinging on my back. We checked my back and saw swollen red marks on the exact locations where I felt the stinging. Called downstairs and they sent security and switched us to another tower. They no longer have medic. If you want even basic treatment, they have to call an ambulance. They handed us a paper with the num

ber for risk management and a statement stating that you cannot have a copy of the report being made nor do they make direct payments to medical providers. They don't have washer/dryer options to clean your things. I had to ask them to give me bags for my belongings. I am upset with this because they seemed to have no protocol on how to deal with this issue, no preventative help, no first aid kit. No one seemed to know what to do- security looked grossed out, supervisor kept putting all the work on security. When we arrived at the other room we cleaned up as much as we could've and even gave our dog a bath and cleaned the kennel. It felt like we were on our own with no help to make the situation better. Only thing I am hoping is that we did not bring any back- I threw all our things in the wash. Will be contacting risk management.

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06/07/13 - 06/09/13 stayed at the Showboat at had 3 bites on my back.
i found out after i got my home.

July 7 2012: Found a single bed bug on clothing on top of my bag. I called the front desk and the housekeeping supervisor was at our room in about five minutes. He looked at the bug and immediately changed us to another room and offered a food/slot comp. Since we hadn't seen any bites on us and hadn't found anymore in ours bags or clothes, that was fine with me. I just hope we aren't taking any home. I have been staying here for 12 years or so and haven't seen any before.

My family stayed at showboat hotel casino on may 16,2011 i went to sleep 5am when i woke at 8am my left right arm and left right leg had a lot of red lump bites..i called the front desk and made a complaint they told me that they dont have someone to check the room on the weekends..i told the supervisor im going to the emergency room because i was so scared to have a skin disease the. The supervisor said oh well its your responsible to pay your medical bills and its not the hotel and he even men

tioned that its me that has a skin i was mad at him,...went to the er and the er staff told me to sue the now i waited for the risk management to call me had to waittwo days for the result she said that there was no bed bugs i was like you are lying because i wont have all this lumps on my body if its not bedbugs so i told her that i even checked online that theres a complaint about you guys and she admitted it but she said they are not responsible to all my i told her i will sue there anyone knows where i can get a from caalifornia im just here for vacation...please anyone let me know..thank you so much

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My husband and I went to Showboat for our 35th anniversary. We stayed in a room with two double beds. When we got into the first bed, it felt so weak that we decided to use the other. We turned down the sheets, and, lo and behold, a bed bug crawled out from under the pillow. Immediately, we called the front desk. We were so grossed out that we contemplated leaving the hotel right then and there and just driving home, but we stayed in the new room they relocated us to, and filed a report

with security in the morning. When we got home, we washed our clothes in hot water, threw away our luggage, and, luckily, managed to not transport any bed bugs from Showboat to our home. We're still waiting for Showboat to reimburse us for our losses. In fact, their insurer called yesterday and made a lame offer that is worth only half of what we lost. We'll see how this pans out. I can say that I'm seriously disturbed by this, and am not sure if I can ever stay at a hotel again.

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I use to work at the Showboat and the reports of Bedbugs is out of control. They do notify ECOLAB to clean the room, but clearly there is a problem. I would never stay there. I would keep calling risk but do not expect allot of satisfaction.

09/06/2010-09/08/2010 stayed at the showboat. woke up around 3:20am itching. show wapes and red marks on body called front desk. saw medic and was given cortisone cream and benadril and was moved to another room. I could not stop itching and didn't feel comfortable to get in another bed there. So I check out that very early morning. Thank GOD I only live in Philadelphia. been trying to call the risk management number, but could only leave my name and phone. As of 2:30 pm No call back for the co


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march 18 2010 i think room is 1910 my husband woke up about 4:00am with welts on his belly he took a shower they didn't go away and itch alot we went home that morning about 6:00am so i could put som e benedryl cream on him. later on that month or early april i started complaining about ants biting me and had seen 2 beetles coming out of my couch not ever knowing those were bedbugs so thinking ants were biting me i sprayed my couch well they came to my bed and infested me 1500.00 hundred dol

lars later and throwing out my couch and 2 reclining chairs that were only 2 years old another 2000.00 never in my mind the welts or bites my husband got that night in showboats bed were bed bugs i called showboat made a claim they said they did a eco test on the room and showed up negative they said they were not negligent we really are upset about this im such a careful person never go to the movies out to eat or sleep out just that 1 night there that changed my life i just want to know if anyone has had this happen to them at showboat with no satisfaction

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Woke up at the hotel at about 11:00 and noticed some red spots on my neck while shaving. I didn't think much of it and went about my business. After checking out we went to Casears for lunch and some game play before thinking about leaving. When we were prepared to leave I noticed the marks on my neck were still there at the restroom and that got me thinking something wasn't right. The worse came to my head and I called my son to research it on the internet. He confirmed it might be bedbugs and

explained the patern of marks. We went back to Showboat to file a report. They were very professional about as I saw a nurse, explained the issue to security and had the manager of housekeeping inspect the room. He did confirm the existence of the bedbugs and had the room shut doen. After much discussion we were then given two plastics bags to place our clothes in when we were to arrive at home and told to wash our clothes in hot water and throw away our luagage/bags. We were pretty freaked out about it all but it seemed like there was nothing else we could do. On the trip home we decided that the hotel should put us up for the night and do the washing for us so that the risk of bringing anything home would be gone. We called and spoke with the manager whom we had been handling the problem and we were told that it was not an option and it would be handled by risk management the following day. Needless to say we are pretty upset about this and the way it was handled.

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woke up with bites.. reported it to risk management the next day .... December 4th, 2009. They took the necessary steps to correct the situation. I have to say they were very cooperative and had their insurance company call me to see if I needed to file a claim for damages to any clothes, medical, or house damage...this is the 1st time in almost 12 years of staying at showboat casino/hotel that I have had this experience....

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