Resorts Casino Hotel
Boardwalk And North Carolina Ave
Atlantic City, NJ

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Absolutely disgusted and furious with this hotel. I am so sorry I did not check this bed bug report before staying at the Resorts Atlantic City hotel on the night of 7/22/15. THEY HAVE BED BUGS----GUESTS BEWARE! My hotel room was on the 40th floor in the the Resort's Rendezvous Tower.

I woke up in their bed Thursday morning 7/23/15 and immediately saw a large bed bug crawling near my pillow. Few minutes later I found another smaller size bed bug in the same bed. I immediately r

eported it downstairs to the hotel manager at the front desk and they sent u

p a security guard to our hotel room to write the report. Upon arriving, the security guard examined the bed, found another bed bug and took a picture as evidence. We were then offered a different hotel room on another floor. I did not stay for a second night.

24 hours later and back at home--my entire body is broken out in bed bug bites. 14 in total.

Now dealing with my worst nightmare, found 2 bedbugs in my apartment. Calling an exterminator now.


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on 1/2/15 I checked into room 3717 rendezvous Tower , bed bugs were discovered, I completely lost my mind the staff was very rude, I have pictures of them, they offered me a different room on the same floor, I left immediately,, they called me after blasting them on social media and offered me a free night Sunday through Friday and fifty dollars in food, my night was completely ruined and my anxiety level is through the roof since I got home yesterday, my belongings are in bags and I have been

vacuuming every corner of my house. I was in the room for about an hour before I noticed them, I will never go there again

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Bed bugs will find you. Never ever try this hotel. My wife went there with friends during new year holidays. Just one night, she found 10+ bites around her ankles! Ocean tower 553! Take your risk if you want to stay here.

I stay at resors casino and hotel quite often and I have stayed at both hotels there the rendezvous and the ocean and I have never seen nor brought home any bugs at all . as a matter of fact they change all bedding every single dAY W

I stayed in the Ocean Tower on June 7, 2013. The next morning I woke up itchy but did not realize it was bed bugs. Later that day, after returning home I found bed bugs on my clothes and luggage. Then I began finding them in my mattress. I quickly threw out the mattress and had an exterminator treat the whole house. Fortunately, we haven't seen any more bed bugs since the one treatment. Resorts was not helpful at all when I called them about this. Reservations referred me to a Frank Harri

s in risk management who wouldn't return my call. The reservations people could not refund my stay or offer any assistance whatsoever. It sounded like they got this call often. They were not even interested in looking up my info to see which room I had stayed in so they could inspect it. I will not be visiting this casino hotel ever again.

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My partner and I sayed at Resorts around Easter of 2008 and came home with bed bugs.. NEVER STAY HERE.

We stayed at Resorts Casino Hotel on June 29 to July 2,, I have to say there were NO bed bugs in sight all 3 nights we were there..Room was very clean, so was the bathroom.. we stayed on the 4nd floor..Rendezous Tower

I plan on coming to Ac and stay at the resorts have you cleaned up the bed bugs. Are they in every room and can I request a new room

We stayed at the Resorts hotel from 3/20-3/23in room 1130. Everything was fine until the day of check out when my husband got out of the shower and I noticed red bites on his back. The bites were close together, about 16 of them, in rows. We could not think of any other explanation for the bites, so when we got hme we took precautions to prevent home infestation.

Woke up with bed bugs on my pj's...This occured on 03/14/2011. My wife and I had planned to stay for two nights, but checked out after we saw the little bugs when I woke up this morning. Hotel customer service rep. did not seem at all surprised. Still paid for the nigth. STAY AWAY!!!

A live bed bug was found crawling on the flat sheet in my room as I was preparing to go to bed. I immediately called the front desk to let them know and to tell them I was not going to make a big deal out of it, but that I was checking out and they better not charge me for the night. I was told that I would not be charged but that I would still see the room hold charge for a few days on my credit card...they also told me they could not process any paperwork to show me that I would not be charged we will see if they are true to their word!

Event happened Fri 1/21 night into early Sat 1/22 morning.

Room number 4522.

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