Harrahs Casino Hotel
1725 Brigantine Blvd
Atlantic City, NJ 08401-1911

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My family and I went to the hotel from a Groupon trip on October 22, 2014. We stayed in a nice room 19070.
The first night there I was bitten on my arm and legs. Advised hotel management of the incident and was assigned another room. The itching was unbearable had to seek medical treatment.

Call their resolution staff and they stated no beg bus was there so pretty much telling me to move on and deal with it. Luckily I took pics of my body and obtained medical documentation. But know a week

end wasted and I have to waste my time dealing with lawyers. Also the sociological effects of ensuring every itch is look at and I had to throw my luggage and clothes away.

I have been to a lot of hotels over the past 15 years as a consultant and never had this happen.
BTW don’t take your kids there before or after Labor or Memorial Day for after summer there pool is only open for adults. All 6 of them for they serve liquor. NOT KID FRIENDLY.

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My husband and I stayed at Harrahs Resort in the Bayview Tower, 14th floor, in March 2014, after we returned home we started waking up with bites and welts. Finally I decided to take my bed apart and find out what is doing this. Upon flipping over the mattress and looking under the box spring I found a small black bug that resembled an apple seed. I began to panic, searching every crack on the bed, I found four more. I contacted a pest service who did an investigation and determined it was conta

ined only in our bedroom, we are not infested we only seem to have brought some home with us. As I informed him I do not work outside of the home, we do not go anywhere except for Harrah's every other month and we have not had any guest in our home at all. The pest service believes we must of brought them in from Harrah's, we are now washing our clothes and bagging up all of our items to prepare for our first spray, we thought we were winning as we brought home 500 extra dollars, yet we are spending over 1500 to get rid of the bugs. This is by far the worst experience I have ever went through. I wrote to Harrah's explaining what happened, I only hope they treat there rooms so that this doesn't happen to anyone else! I have yet to get a response from them.

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I visited Harrah's Atlantic City checking in on Sunday 30 March 2014. I checked out on Monday 31 March 2014. I found a dead bed bug in my bed and witnessed live bed bugs in the pillow. I called the front desk , went to the front desk with the pillow. The supervisor took my report and refused to give me a copy. Told me to take the pillow back to the room. I have not heard from the Hotel and probably will not.

Taking them off my vacation and gambling list.

On oct 8th 2013 in room 518 I was there supposed to be the happy days of my life, we were there on our honeymoon and I woke up my left side of my back stinging and burning. And my husband back was bruised, I called the front desk. To tell them what is happening the bed bugs had bitten my back up and I got one that came from under the pillow and ms g said to come down stair I said to here come up stairs and look at my back she and at the bed bug in the cup then she went back to the casino office

to change our rooms and bring up an incident report I filled it out but it still didn't help I esnted to go to the hospital and the security told me that I would have to pay for the ambulance to go to the hospital. So when we came home I went right to the hospital. Then on oct 25 Alex the man they had in there claims department said that there were no bed bugs in the room nor any bedbug activities. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said the same thing, I asked her for a copy of there report where the person who did the inspection, she said I have to get a court order. Now it took them almost two weeks to get back to me

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I was at Harrahs july 11th and 12th 2013 in the marina tower on the 8th floor. I started to feel stinging sensation on the back of my neck in bed after turning off the lights. I moved to the other bed, thinking it was from the pillows. Well, it started again in the other bed. I decided to turn the lights on and investigate. I found bed bugs, more than one. I collected several, I tried to show them to the staff at the front desk. Not interested, gave an incident report to fill out, no concern.

Stayed at Harrahs in Atlantic City on August 11th & 12th 2012, my children checked in two days before and in two different rooms where they both discovered bedbugs in the bed and the sofa. Harrahs has several towers and the oldest is the harbor. I was told that the harbor is infested, and during my stay there I noticed dumpsters with mattresses in them. The hotel is one of my faves but I was disappointed at the response when they were told about the bugs. I know this is not an easy issue but t

his is something that needs to be rectified immediately. The thought of taking the bugs home and having to discard everything in your home is unthinkable, yet this is what's happening. Unfortunately everyone needs to be on the alert and check your beds, furniture , luggage, etc. protect yourself and your family...

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Water tower room 42097.... Stayed there 5/23 and 24... Realized after checkout I was bitten .... Confirmed I had the exterminators at my house today. I brought these home from this hotel and it's costing close to 1000 dollars to rectify. I had to see a doctor for the itching. The hotel doesn't even care. I have been going to this place since the first opened. They just could care less. Well my lawyer will be in touch with them!

I stayed there on Wed Thur nite of last week. I have several areas of clusters bites consistant with bed bugs. I called the hotel this morning (Memorial Day) and they blew me off. I tried the Board of Health for AC and they are closed today. I'm calling them first thing in the morning and also I've taken pictures of the bites. I am going to the doctors in the morning to confirm that they are indeed bed bug bites. You would think a place like this would pay more attention and especially whe

n a customer calls in. You think they would have at least wanted my room so they could investigate. She just told me call tomorrow. WTF. I am all bitten and in pain.

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Checked into this hotel 11/22, the next morning noticed what looked like two insect bites on my right hand, suspected bed bug bites but not sure, the next morning the left side of my neck and shoulder were full of new bites. Notified hotel management, I was sent to the hotel nurse, room switched.

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