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Stayed at the Ballys hotel between 11/6/14 through 11/8/14 for a conference in a "premium" room in the Bally's Tower (2223). My husband woke up with several bites on the last day. I saw two bed bugs the morning of the 8th on the pillow and the bed. Immediately reported this issue to the front desk supervisor (Missy) who was very casual about incident as well as the hotel desk person (Loren). Told that I had to come downstairs to report the incident. She stated that the policy was to empty the ro

om and have it blocked. I completed the report and changed rooms for the last few hours of our stay. An hour later I returned to the room as I forgot some items in the refrigerator and noted that housekeeping had cleaned the room and prepared it as if they were planning to rent it out again to another customer. Thus, no one notified housekeeping of this incident or did not care. Be warned about this hotel. Stay away!

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I just check out From Bally's (room#561). Me and my wife woke up in the morning and saw a big bug on the bed. When we check photos of bug on google, we came to know that it is a bed bug. I got really scared and we checked out without taking shower. We informed hotel about it and they were so relaxed. Rather than taking care of us, they said we better check our bags before we leave. If I will have any bugs at my home, I will have to take action against it.

I was in room 2064 and did not put it together at first but I was being bit by something. As I was hold to sit in the bar area until my bus came I began to scratch and itch uncontrollably . Security Frank sad ms crying and alerted head of security. They charge my credit card for Benadryl without my permission. My whole body is sore. What is the proper matter in which this should have been handled. I was finally given a room to shower. Now I have to pay my bank $35 for the overdraft fee

Was in Atlantic City for the Triple Play Real Estate convention 2010, my roommate was bitten many times during the night. The Clardige tower is a dump

On Friday September 16, 2011 myself and my mother checked into Bally's Casino (room 332). I was in my robe realxing on the bed on the top sheet. I was falling asleep but began itching. I then got up pulled the top sheet off the bed and discovered a bedbug running across the sheets. I quickly grabbed a kleenex and captured it. I immediately called the front desk. The manager told me that she would send up a bellhop with new keys to a new room. They moved us to room 4821...that room smelled horrib

le. I went down to the front desk with the bug in my mothers pill bottle. They did not want to entertain looking at it. I asked the manager (who was rude) if she could contact another one of their properties so that we could get some rest. After that ordeal we did not want to stay there. We were told that the hotel systems are not linked and that we would have to call another property on our own. I've been a guest at Bally's for many years. I never experienced anything like this. To top it off I put a claim in and was contacted on Thursday November 3, 2011 stating that my claim was denied. I still have the bug saved in the bottle. Bally's claimed that they had a company called ECOLAB inspect the room and found no trace of any bedbugs which is a crock. They have just lost a loyal customer. I am now seeking legal counsel.

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I was at Bally's Oct 19-21 for a NCTM conference. My friend and I were in the main building in room 1064. We came back Thursday night and one of the girls (who was staying on the 16th floor) sat on my bed. We then noticed a bed bug sitting there on my pillow. It was disgusting!!!
We demanded to be moved rooms, we given a dirty/smelly room on the 28th floor. We took pictures of the bed bug and caught it in the bottle. The hotel staff didn't seem to interested, like it wasn't a big deal.



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Stayed in the Dennis Tower (Room 639) on 07/12/2011. After a night in the casino, I came into the room and took the pillows off the bed and low and behold, a bedbug came off the pillow and on to the bed. I immediately called the front desk and they said it was a housekeeping issue. I received a call from housekeeping stating that they would come to clean the room? I then received a call from the supervisor that I had to leave the room immediately. They told me to come down to the front desk

and get a new set of keys. Meanwhile they sent a bellhop up to the room so the set of keys was voided. I filled out a claim report, but have yet to hear from anyone. The supervisor seemed to be annoyed that I had bothered her with such nonsense! I also have a photo of the culprit. The new room had a wet carpet and was directly below the bar, with music blasting until at least 3 am. I checked out of this hotel and went to another one, as I was too disgusted to deal with this. Do not stay here!!!

Seems like they are well aware that this is still a problem yet they do nothing about it!

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I am headed to Bally's for NYE. I'll come back to this site once I return home, to give an update. If it's bad there I will post remarks while I am still in AC

Stayed at the Bally's tower rm. 4135 on Nov,7th 2010 no problem first night, second night my partner and I was laying across the bed watching tv and we both fell asleep.My partner woke me up and said something was biting them. I looked at their arm and saw several raised bumps. i thought they were having a allergic reaction to something they ate, until I moved the Pillow and saw the culprit, A bedbug ! My Immediate reaction was to smash it with the remote on the pillow. I the called the front

desk and talked to a Laura who said she was a supervisor and explained the situation. She suggested my partner see the nurse at the medical station and would change our room. We took photos of the bug and the bites with our cellphone. We were not given any bags for our clothes or anything, I just grabbed up all our stuff and packed up wanting to get out of there right away. It took about 45min. before a bell cap came up to remove our luggage and give us new room keys. After a good inspection second room was fine. Very Harrowing experience.

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me and my ex wife had the same problem when we stay at a CLARIDGE room at bally's as soon we got in there within 10 minutes we seen them all over the freaking room on the bed in the bathroom i dont know how they let people stay in these rooms we switch rooms reported it i'm still sick over it its been 2 years now

Stayed at Bally's Atlantic City 7/30 - 8/2/10
When checked out on the drive home back of arm, ankles and forearms began breaking out. By 8/3 had terrible bites - reported incident on 8/7 - got no response or compensation - like they didn't even care. Don't stay here - Harrah's doesn't care - they try to sweep it under the table. They won't even take a report once you have left unless you come back and do it in person. Why would someone want to return to a place like that - it happened on my

1st and only visit. It has been 9 days since I reported incident and nothing has been done. They keep insisting I have to go back to file a claim. We have spent lots of money on fumigating, getting new bedding,and may have to get new luggage. They only care about taking your money. If you go to AC stay at Borgata - at least it is new.

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a friend and I had stayed at ballys for christmas eve and christmas and the CLARIDGE TOWER HAS BED BUGS. i was going to sleep around 3am and i screamed because there were two bedbugs on my pillow i went and slept in my friends twin bed until the next mornining because we were too tired to go downstairs so at 10am we went down to the hotel lobby and complained to the manager what had happend,she had given us a $50 food comp to go to the 6bistro restaraunt however you spell it and put us in a room

in a new tower which was alright but the ocean view was nicer and thats what we payed for so after we had switched rooms me and my friend went to play the slots and decided to split up because i was tired so now i finally get to the room and my card to get in doesnt work i found a supercvisoer who kindly let me in after she had spoken to the front desk...dont ever stay at ballys it is the worst hotel in atlantic city. go to the taj mahal!!

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found number of little brown bugs on mattress and sheets. did not get bit. Also heard another guest complaining of bed bug bites when we were checking out. May 16, 2009

Needless to say, we actually threw out our slightly worn luggage and anything that was placed on the rugs.

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