Bally's Atlantic City
1901 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ

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On Thurs Nov 7th 2013 I stayed at Ballys for a complimentary room. They gave me a room in the Claridge Tower. The room was old and out of date. I was surprised at how old and ugly it was. It didn't look dirty just old so we stayed in the room. The next day I woke up with a few bites on my leg. I thought I had mosquito bites, but it was clearly bed bugs because now I transferred them to my home. I will NEVER stay at Ballys again. I am disgusted.

I stayed in Bally's on 8/19/2012 for one night. I was in room 1002 and had already heard many warnings regarding Atlantic City and the chance to get attacked by bed bugs there do to their large number of rooms and the amount of people coming in and out. The first thing I did when I checked in was to check all the sheets and the mattress itself and I saw no visible signs of bed bugs from what I had read online. The next morning I awoke covered in bed bug bites. There were at least 50 bites all o

ver my body. On my fingers, neck, back, arm, legs, feet, shoulders, even on my forehead. They were painful and swollen and located in clumps and in rough lines, a very clear sign of bed bug bites. I was mortified by discovering that even after taken as many precautions possible I was still severely attacked. I am now terrified that I may have transferred these bed bugs to my house and don't really know what to do besides wait and see what will happen. I will never stay in Bally's again and I will make sure that I stay in my own bed where I will not be attacked.

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