Parker's Motel
750 Us-3
Lincoln, NH 03251-4152

Found 3 reports:

We went to this motel from Aug 2 to Aug 4, 2013. My family was having a reunion so we rented 5 rooms. Guests in 3 of the 5 rooms woke up with bed bug bites.

We stayed at Parker's Motel from August 2nd to the 4th. When I got up in the AM I noticed I got bitten in several areas on my neck and face. I had no mosquito or other bites when I went to bed. My grandson was bitten on his back, which was exposed during the night.

We booked our whole family to stay. We knew it was cheap, but thought we got a bargin. I went to sleep first. When my husband came to bed he noticed a bug on my face! When we checked the bed it was infested. We looked the bug up on the internet and sure enough it was a bed bug. We couldn't sleep all night. We immediately got a refund in the morning and left!

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