Marriott Omaha
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I stayed at this hotel recently and it did not even occur to me that I might have been bitten by bed bugs until about 1 week after my stay. I had several clusters of extremely itchy bumps. I thought it might have been chicken pox because I have never had them. My husband suggested that it might be bed bugs from a hotel and after some research it seemed quite obvious. I called the hotel and they were completely dismissive of my inquiry. I'm not a paranoid person but I had the distinct feelin

g that they were hiding something. I asked for them to inspect my room and the dismissal was so quick and without any real concern that it seemed contrived. I have no way of knowing this but a total dismissal like this, despite many reports on this site, definitely raised some red flags for me.

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After waking up and turning the lights on (on the Concierge level), I saw a small bug crawling along the lining of the comforter trying to hide. I trapped it and kept it for the manager to see which he confirmed later that it was indeed a bed bug.

Being a Lifetime Platinum Marriott member, I have never seen this before at all of the Marriott brands. I have stayed here for over 5 months almost non-stop, and I have noticed little red bumps on my skin but I could not find any evidence of b

ed bugs until now.

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I stayed there this week and am just now noticing itchy bites and welts all over. They are in clusters. Probably 3-4 clusters, around 4 bites each. Really disgusting. Planning to notify hotel today.

I stayed there for 6 days and on the last day flipped my pillow. Found a red bug and was not sure what it was. I dumped it into the sink and squished it. After my stay I checked out what I saw and found it was a bed bug. Advised on my next visit what I found and they looked at me like I was crazy. So dissapointed, this hotel is disgusting. I will never stay again.

Checked in on 8/24/15 room 346.
Pulled back pillows and noticed a tiny bug running across bottom pillow. Looked further by lifting up sheets and noticed some signs of potential issues

I checked in to the Omaha Marriott on Sunday, June 22, 2014. Started itching Thursday night and found red bumps on my neck and down my arm Friday morning. I didn't realize the extent of the bites or even that it was bed bugs until I saw the doctor Sat morning when I was home. I spoke to the hotel manager who said he would look into it but never received a call back. As a Lifetime Platinum Marriott member I usually receive a survey regarding my stay. I never received one for this trip. This

was my first encounter with bed bugs in my 19 years of travel. Very disappointed that the manager did not call me back.

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Arrived 2014 July 2. Next morning had three bites at points of contact with mattress and bedding. Recognized them as bed bug bites.
Discreetly reported this to the hotel manager. He responded promptly and changed our room. To our dismay the subsequent night the same thing happened.
We have traveled extensively and have never had this experience. Unfortunately we were part of a large group so had we chosen to change hotels it would have caused a stir.
This was very upsetting as our children g

ot bites as well.
We left the hotel on the last day of the event and went home to fumigate our luggage and clothing.
Still itching.
In retrospect, the hotel was very nonchalant about the problem almost as if it was no surprise.

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Woke up with two bites on my right hand. Reported it to the front desk. Have no idea what caused them, but I still have 2 welts 16 hours later...

4-21-2013 Checked into room # 226 at 10:30pm. Noticed three bites on my right arm the next morning. Very itchy bites! After looking at pictures on the internet of what a bed bug bite looks like - my bite marks are very suspiciously similar.

Reported incident to front desk ( Mark)- I asked him to totally have my room stripped of all bedding etc - we'll see how this plays out.

I travel each week, and have for over twenty years - this is my first experience with the possibility of bed bug

s in my room.

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