Blue Spruce Motel
821 S Dewey St
North Platte, NE 69101-5524

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my husband, his dad, and our son stayed at this Motel ONE NIGHT and they ALL came home with bedbug bites!!! Welts everywhere!! The Motel seems nice but our family is now struggling with all the welts and itching. Had to look up how to treat it, what a mess. Just have to wait for them to go away... unless infected of course. I would be embarrassed to own this motel. Just pay the money to clean the rooms!!!!!!!!!!

My family and I stayed here Christmas weekend of 2011. After bringing in our luggage, and once we were settled, we saw a small, reddish bug on one of our pillows. Being Christmas weekend, there was absolutely no other place to stay in North Platte, so with two children - I did not want to sleep in a freezing car.

We had to place all of our luggage in the highest place in the room, to try and keep our things from being infested.

The next morning I was getting ready to shower in the bathro

om and actually had one crawling on my t-shirt.

This hotel is filthy and disgusting, and the infestation has obviously been brewing for quite sometime. I said nothing to the woman that checked us in. We were treated very rudely at check-in, and I know a person with such an bad attitude and poor demeanor would deny any claims and would probably not issue a refund. Basically, we just wanted to get out of there.

It is a ridiculous amount of work to clean your clothing, luggage, the inside of your vehicle, stuffed animals, ANYTHING that was in the room, to ensure you do NOT bring these pests into your home.

I would NEVER recommend this motel to anyone. I think the Nebraska Health Department needs to be notified of this situation.

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This motel owner has slandered my husband for his true report of how this motel gave us bed bugs. We are truth activists. We spread the truth about the so-called government's illegal war activities AND about motels that give people bugs. We don't know what he's talking about the homeless shelter. This motel owner threatened me with jail time because he is friends with the Police Chief. When my husband spoke with his lawyer to discuss a settlement, the lawyer said "Oh, we pay the judges lots of m

oney. We'll see you in court." Then, the windows were shot out of our vehicle, in this small town.

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I am the owner of the motel. The gentlemen never showed up to the small claims court. Has known to picket other places in the area and surrounding areas for the samething so we where told by the local police. So the above post the gentlemen is not reputable at all.

He paid for 7 days. He told us one person would be in the room. Then he and his wife and a cat stayed. He was in the office daily never complaining about a thing. Then the last day of his stay 4 hours past check out

he comes in stating this. I refunded him the last day of the stay. The room was completely checked and rented that same night and has been nightly since with no problems. 3 days after we refunded him the money for the night we find him and his wife chasing people into our motel rooms saying we have bedbugs. He then said he would stand on the corner picketing us until they got their full refund.

Just keep this into consideration before you believe his post. Again he has done this to the homeless shelter in North Platte as well. He has picketed the recruting office here in North Platte as well. Very anti government!!!!!

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I got to there and noticed stains on the sheets, but didn't know what it meant. After second day, began noticing itchy bumps. I thought they were misquito bites at first. After day four, started noticing bugs. Fifth evening, caught a bug whiule watching t.v. Morning of sixth day, caught another bug. Showed it to owner. Completely unconcerned, he refunded money for one day's rent.
Currently have a small claims lawsuit for damages.
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