Quality Inn Wilmington
4926 Market St
Wilmington, NC 28405-3428

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BEDBUGS. We checked in July 1.

We unfortunately set our luggage on the bed and went out all day. When we returned that evening, we moved a pillow and discovered a BEDBUG. We googled photos to confirm. Manager of course denied it was a bedbug. We unfortunately hadn't seen the other reviews about this. We packed all of our things and left immediately to drive 2.5 hours back home and are now freezing/heating all of our luggage and clothing. What a huge mess. The hotel gave us a refund, but I rea

lly wish we didn't have to be terrified of a bedbug infestation now. Not worth it.


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Very old and smelly place... unacceptable... and best part is the bed bugs you encounter..

I have stayed at this hotel for yrs doing business in the area...I kept noticing something that looked like little brown blood spots on sheets and seemed to be getting bites on my arms..Well I ended up taking these bugs to my home and infesting our house in a very short period!!! Cost over 2000 to get exterminated and new bed... Plus we were put out of our house for 3 days... But the best part is the manager admitted they had bed bug problem but the owner told us he wasnt helping us to sue him.

. we have reciepts for everything we had done!!!Sooo if you have thousands to throw away go stay at this location..

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Well I was in my room 149 and I was watching a movie thank God with the lights on, because a seen something crawling on top of the white sheet it was a red bug so I try to kill it with the remote lol that didn't work so I pick it up with a piece of paper and threw it out the room. Still I didn't. Know what kind of bug it was so i Google bed bud I never seen one before til that night, that was exactly what i thought it was a bed bug.

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