Innkeeper of Wilmington
5345 Market St
Wilmington, NC 28405-3505

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While staying at the Innkeeper Noticed there was a bug on the bed - looked on computer and this was a bed bug. Pulled up bed skirt and the whole area was covered with what appeared to be blood stains. There was mattress cover on the box springs and it appeared to be full of brown looking stuff. Contacted staff and they came and I showed them. They moved us to another room. Checked it good and found this room not to have them. I know there were 2 rooms on first floor that had them. Them peop

le had moved from their room to another room also. There were no covers on the box spring or mattress in the room that we moved to and there was one on both in the room on 1st floor that we stayed in. I think they were aware of it and trying to hide it. This happened toward the end of October 2010. I contacted the Health Dept. in Wilmington. I don't know if they checked this out or not. But it definitely was bed bugs.

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