Microtel Inn and Suites
1209 Plainview Dr
Raleigh, NC 27610-1316

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Rented a room on 2/1/15 for Super Bowl Sunday. Doors were broken, microwave was falling to the floor, and the bathroom was filled with mold. Next morning manager gave me another room for the following night at half price. At 4:05am went to restroom and upon returning to bed, saw two small to medium blood spots on the edge of the sheet with a fairly large bedbug next to them. I trapped the bedbug in a Styrofoam cup, put the cup in a plastic bag, got dressed, and went to the front desk to check ou

t. I told the lady at the front desk exactly what I have just stated above. I asked her if she wanted to see the bedbug? She said that it wasn't necessary. I asked her if she was aware that her location was on the Bedbug Registry? She said that she was and that the owner was aware also and that I should call him immediately. She also said "people come to this place because it's cheap. What do you want?" A day and a half later I discovered a large raised bump on my forearm which an Emergency Room nurse confirmed, was a bedbug.

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On June 13 and 14, 2008, I rented a hotel room at Microtel Hotel. Upon sleeping in the bed I was startled Awaken from been bitten profusely by bed bugs.
At approximately 5;45a.m., after inspecting the bites, I called the front desk manager to notify them of the bed bugs and bites.
The front desk clerk along with a witness went to the room a witness the bugs, seeing the bugs on the sheets and bed.
I was somewhaat frightened and hysterical. The witness called 911 while in route to the hotel. Th

e Wake County police arrived but informed me that the situation was not considered a emergency and left.
I sought and received medical treatment for the bed bug bites and the long lasting emotional effects.

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June 17, 2008 I had bedbugs in my bed. The night clerk and a witness came to my room and saw the bugs in my bed.

The night clerk did not chargee for that nigh and gave me a receipt.

I went to my doctor and she prescribed some ontiment for the bites to my arm.

I have been having problems trying to get this aout my mind for almost three years.

I cannot find a lawyer to take my case.

Price is no object for a lawyer.

I need help because the statue of limintation to file will be com

ing up in June 2011.

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