Hampton Inn-Murphy
1550 Andrews Rd
Murphy, NC 28906-5113

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I stayed at this hotel one night, January 7th, 2013. I did not check the bed, nor did I notice anything until late Tuesday evening, Januay 8th. By that time, I was at another hotel, in another city, but had not used the room for anything. I noticed that I had bite marks on my lower legs. By the next morning, my legs had a large number of bites or red welts, that appeared to be bites. I checked the room I was at the time and it was clean. I can only assume that I picked up the critters at the

previous hotel.

To prevent the thought of these critters coming from home, my wife totally washed everything in the house from top to bottom. There were no signs of any bugs and nobody else in the house has been bitten. My bites lasted two weeks and required two doctor visits. I had an allergic reaction to the bites and suffered from Hives for most of the two weeks

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