Comfort Inn Dunn
131 Bud Hawkins Rd
Dunn, NC

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I just read in the newspaper where the Harnett Co., NC, Health Dept. shut the Comfort Inn in Dunn down due to complaints about bed bug infestation. Owners are working to resolve the problem.

Stayed at this location 6/1/2013. My boyfriend woke me up at 5am with 3 live bedbugs on him. We threw back the sheets and found more. We identified the bugs against pictures online. He ended up with over 30 bites showing up later that day and had a severe allergic reaction. Mine did not show up for a few days but I ended up with over 40.

We reported it to the NC Dept of Public Health and they said they were aware of and tracking a serious infestation and in the process of trying to shut the

hotel down.

The hotel manager was really nasty and unhelpful. The corporate offices cast all the blame back on the local management and refused to do anything to help us.

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I stayed at this Comfort Inn, May1, 2013. I checked out on May 2., was driving north when I started to feel itchy bumps. LOTS of them! I went to the doctor and he told me it was a classic bed bug attack. I phoned the Manager, to report the bed bug bites. The Manager told me to contact his Lawyer and quickly hung up!

7/14/2012 I stayed at this hotel woke up to what I thought was a mosquito biting me as it turned out it was a bed bug I went to the front desk and told the desk attendant. After closer inspection of the room I found other bugs hiding behind the electrical cover in between the beds. I believe with all my heart that this hotel is infected with bed bugs and have been for some time the attendant did not seem to be surprised by this at eventhough she was extremely apologetic.

From Oct. 8-9, 2011 stay,

Received a FOAD from Comfort Inn corporate. They are passing the buck to the local hotel owner.....

Thank you very little.

Guess I'm done with Comfort Inn

Oct. 8-9, 2011.

Bed Bugs in Room

Woke up to two bed bugs on a (un-used pillow). When checking out, I gave the pillow case and bed bug to the clerk. She didn't seem too surprised and wasn't very interested in doing anything about it.

I have complained to Comfort Inn....but likely won't choose their hotels anymore.

We checked into Room 111 and upon inspection we found multiple bed bugs that were dead and living in the crease of the mattress. We hadn't unpacked as it was the first thing we did, so we gathered our belongings and went back to the front desk. The clerk wanted to see the bugs and my husband showed her (he had his flashlight). She said she would have housekeeping redo this room and offered us another room. My husband told her that she couldn't rent this room back out to anyone with bedbugs!

We drove another two hours north heading home towards MA and stayed at a Hilton Gardens that was beautiful and bedbug FREE.

I went online to fill out a complaint to Comfort Inn and we never heard anything from them. I have a feeling they did nothing. I will never stay at any of their hotels for this reason.

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