Ramada Airport South and Conference Center
212 E Woodlawn Rd
Charlotte, NC 28217-2202

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04/20/14. We were delayed in Charlotte Airport and were given a voucher for Ramada Inn. Do not stay even if it's free!! Bed bugs!!!!

December 7th, 2013. I got back to my room at the Ramada at 12, I was tired and I'd already checked the mattress for bedbugs earlier (I had seen one small blood stain I disregarded as being just a coincidence.). I turned off the light and got into bed, but I had a weird feeling about the place, so I went out to this website. Sure enough, someone had reported bedbugs. As soon as I switched on the light (less than 5 minutes after initially turning it off) I saw 2 on the sheets! I got out of tha

t room so fast, I didn't even stop to change out of my pj's or even take the hotel shampoo and conditioner. I immediately went to the management desk and told the manager on duty (in front of a bunch of other folks) "I'm checking out of my room because it has bedbugs." I may have said it with a tad too much gusto, because instead of placing my key down gently, I threw it down and it bounced on to this guy's keyboard. The manager looked like I just accused him of pedophilia instead of just having a shitty hotel, and he pointed at me and shouted for me to get out. No kidding, I couldn't be asked to stay another second at that place.

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WATCH OUT...BED BUGS!!! ROACHES.. This is a very nasty hotel. I am a airline employee and I thought this hotel would be a good one to stay at b/c I heard that they had a really good rate for airline employees.

DO NOT stay here...It's not worth it.

I checked in my room and yes it looked ok but when it was time to go to bed I noticed a couple roaches crawling up the wall. Ok not a big deal I will just kill them with my shoe. So I got into bed and not an hour later I felt a sharp pinch o

n my arm..looked but didn't see anything. Not 10 minutes later it happened again and I still didn't see anything so eventually I fell asleep..Got up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom, so I pulled the blanket back and turned on the light and I was shocked to see maybe 20 on so bed bugs scattering. I left immediately. I repeat do not stay here..The management seemed to careless and even made a comment that I must of brought them in b/c I am always on the plain w/ other travelers and that's how they got here. YEAH RIGHT!!!

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