Days Inn Charlotte Woodlawn
118 E Woodlawn Rd
Charlotte, NC 28217

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Stayed in this hotel on May 1-4, 2015. My teenage daughter awoke at about 11:30pm and asked "Is this a bedbug?" Turning on the light, I observed numerous adult bedbugs on her and the bed. I informed the front desk who moved us to a different room-no bedbugs were observed. When informed of the bedbugs,the front desk informed me they "had no idea" and that they haven't received any complaints about bedbugs for months. This tells me that bedbugs had been an issue in the past, yet nothing was appare

ntly done to prevent re-occurrence or re-infestation such as bedbug monitors, or bedbug covers on the mattresses. I will never stay in this hotel or another Days Inn again.

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On Nov 20th 2010, my friend and I stayed at the Days Inn in Woodlawn 3 miles from down town Charlotte. Upon our check in a front desk clerk called to ask how our accommodations were. I thought that was awfully nice, Ive never had anyone call to check on things after check in that I could recall. Well now I know why! THE ROOM HAD BEG BUGS! We checked in at 5pm, and pretty much dropped our things off and went back out. By the time we returned it was ab 1am so we went right to sleep. Around 4 am

I woke up because people were coming in from the bars or wherever they had been and they were so loud it woke me. I switched on the light and it was then that I saw a bug on my bed. I panicked and used my phone to google bed bug images. To my dismay it was my worst fear confirmed. So I called the front desk and the representative did not seem the least bit shocked. He gives us a new room, so here it is 4am and instead of 2 double beds they only have 1 king, so I walk to that room and use my key and guess what, THEY GAVE ME A KEY TO AN OCCUPIED ROOM!!!!!!!!!!! Makes you feel safe, right? We walk back and I ask for another room and so we head to the 3rd room. We searched the beds and found nothing, there was a dirty towel up on top of the closet shelf and a nice hole above the shower, but at this point I was exhausted and angry so we dealt with it. We stayed from Sat and checked out Monday. Today is Friday and I have welts all over my body. I came home threw out my luggage and immediately washed my clothes in hot water and dried them on the hottest setting. Meanwhile, I have called the hotel EVERY DAY to see if they will refund the stay for ALL of this trouble, and I have been told every day that someone will contact me and that they are working on it. 2 days after check out when I called the manager Rameesh tells me that they did confirm there were bed bugs in the room. NO KIDDING???!!! So now I have this wonderful (insert paranoia here) feeling that I have brought the bugs home with me. I haven’t gotten any sleep and I am driving my fiancé crazy with my stressing out, and worrying ab whether or not I have brought these into my home. Through online research I have found once you get them they are very hard to nix. TAKE MY ADVICE AND STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS DUMP! NEVER AGAIN… NEVER!

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