Extended Stay America Asheville Tunnel Rd
6 Kenilworth Knls
Asheville, NC 28805-1845

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May 12-17 2013 This place is crawling with BED BUGS! It took me a couple of nights to figure out where the bug bites were coming from. at first I had thought they were coming from fleas or mosquitoes. And then one night I felt something crawling behind my year and it was a BED BUG. I got up the next morning went and got breakfast and on the way I called the management and informed them of the bedbugs. Rebecca the assistant manager said she would go check it out. When I got back a half hour later

, I went to the front desk. She informed me that she had not found anything. I showed her a photo of the bedbugs and her immediate response was "did you get that picture off Google" Little did she know I had saved the carcass. Once I presented it to her it was a different story. She proceeded to apologize and tell me that they haven't had bedbugs in three or four years. A simple web search on http://bedbugsregistry.c… shows that they have had bedbug problems within the past two years. My room was moved two rooms down the hall and they gave me change to wash my clothes. The next night in the new room I picked off two more bed bugs off me. When I called down to the front desk at midnight and told them they had another room with BED BUGS and could I please change rooms again I was told "My manager is not here right now,can you please sleep there tonight and we will take care of it in the morning". And then insinuated that maybe I had brought the bed bugs with me from home. Seriously? So the next day I received a phone call from the manager who was out of town and I asked them what do they normally do with their bed bug policy? And the manager seemed dumbfounded. They honestly didn't know what to do or how to treat the situation with bed bugs. I was told to take my clothes over to the dry cleaners that they use. But when I got there the drycleaner refused to take my clothes because of the bedbugs. I called and told the manager this and her response was "why did you tell them about the bedbugs"! And then at some point in the conversation she said "I honestly don't understand what the big deal is. Every time I've dealt with bedbugs from customers I usually just wash their clothes for them and fold them and everything is fine. Well she obviously has not done her research about bedbug infestations in your home and how easily they can get on your clothing from the hotel. And now I'm afraid my car has been contaminated to. Anyways, after the second incident I checked out. The hotel was overall dirty. No room service. And breakfast is a joke(coffee and apples is all I saw) I cannot recommend this place. So many better places in Asheville to stay for the same comparable price.

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I stayed at this hotel AGAIN a month after being exposed to bedbugs. The room where I encountered them a month ago was sanitized and according to management there were no more reports of bedbugs. So I took a chance and stayed there again as it is conveniently located close to my work and has stove, fridge and microwave oven that I can use to cook when I'm in town.
Throughout the week of 8/21 to 8/29/ 2011 I was bitten several times but those individual bites initially led me to think of mosquit

o and spider bites. How naive of me, I should have known better! Anyway, this morning I woke up scratching my face and neck fiercely and in a state of my worst nightmares come true looked under the pillow. And sure enough, there it was - a bedbug. I moved out of the hotel immediately. Clerk at the desk was helpful to call nearby hotels and find me a place to stay on a short notice. Hotel manager said that their insurance agent will be contacting me about this recurrent incident, but the day is gone and nobody did yet. In the meantime, my bites are red, swollen and itching. I had to go to a dermatologist to get injection for an allergic reaction to bedbug bites and was put on a topical medication as well. I am dreading the horror of washing and dry-cleaning all my clothes as well as desinfecting everything I had with me in a hotel and in my car. I am terrified that I may bring these nasty little creepers to my home. Not to mention, that I feel itchy all over my skin both at the bite sites and not.
One thing is clear, I will never be back to this hotel.

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On July 25, 2011 at 8 pm or so I was sitting in a chair-recliner reading in my hotel room. I felt itching in my back and continued to scratch myself constantly. After a while, I went to the mirror to see what was bothering me and saw multiple bites on the skin of my back as well as arms and legs. I went back to the chair and examined it carefully. Sure enough, I noticed a brown flat looking bug crawling on the upholstery. I killed it and put the pest on a paper towel to show hotel staff. I calle

d the clerk on duty to report the problem and was moved to another room right away.
I am waiting to talk to management to find out if anything is being done about it.

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