The Randolph Inn Asheboro
1020 Albemarle Rd
Asheboro, NC 27205-6150

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We went to stay for a weekend and we're getting 2 rooms. My husband who works for a Pest company went and checked out both room and they were bedbugs on the beds in both rooms . Went back to complain and the guy offered us another room on the opposite side of the building so we decided to go look. When my husband pulled up the bed to look for bugs we got a shock with a ton of drug needles with stuff still in them. Reported this to the manager and he didn't seem to care. Never will I go back an

d this place should be shut down.

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Currently staying here for training, my first night here, woke up with about 15 bed bug bites, and was itching all week long. This is probably one of the worst kept motels I ever stayed in. I don't think they even wash the bed sheets between people staying.

I will be visiting this location and have to stay there for three weeks. After reading the reviews, they've all claimed this place is infested with bedbugs. I'll be going in December and was wondering if any one could please help. This is not just for myself but for the safety and well being of everyone that has no choice but there. PLEASE HELP!

Big Thank you in advance!

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