Castle Rock Resort & Waterpark
3001 Green Mountain Dr
Branson, MO 65616-3815

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My family and I stayed here from 8/8/14 to 8/10/14, in the Atrium building, room 242. We stayed here 2 years ago in the Tower building and had a great time. This time, however, some bed bugs hitched a ride in our luggage and traveled back home with us. On 8/11/14 is when I first saw the red itchy bumps on my arm. This kept happening every morning when I woke up. I went to the doctor and he thought I was having an allergic reaction to something I ate in Branson, and prescribed me hydrocortis

one. However, the rashes and bumps did not go away. They were getting worse.

One evening, I'd say 8/20/14, I saw a bug on my bed. I picked it up, didn't think much of it, and I flushed it down the toilet. But that night and the next morning, I kept thinking about that bug. I started searching bugs on the internet and came across bed bugs. They looked like the bug I'd flushed the night before. I went home on my lunch hour from work and started inspecting my mattress. There were bed bugs everywhere!!! I was horrified!! My husband and I spent all that evening and the next evening vacuuming, buying mattress and pillow covers, and cleaning our entire bedroom. On 8/21/14, my husband called Castle Rock and left a message for the manager, letting them know we believed we got bed bugs from their hotel. They called back later that afternoon, and said that they inspected the room we had stayed in and found no signs of any bed bugs. That we could've gotten them from a movie theater or most anywhere. Then on 8/29/14, I got the idea to call the Taney County Health Department in Missouri. They sent someone to inspect the room. Unfortunately, they came back with nothing. Of course, the hotel had an entire week to get rid of the problem, and thus all the proof that we got them there. We only stay in hotels about a couple times a year, so where else could they have come from?

Today (9/4/14) we had an exterminator come out and do an inspection/estimate. It is going to cost us almost $1,000 to get our entire house treated.

I know where they came from, but I have no proof! I really don't know what to do from here. I think they should at the very least refund us our money for the hotel stay.

It's been pretty devastating, on me especially. I am the only one being bitten. Fortunately, my kids have not yet.

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We checked in November 2nd, 2012. We had stayed here a few years earlier and had a pleasant time so we decided to come back for a weekend. Everything looked fine when we checked in, so we changed and went to the waterpark for a couple of hours. We came back to the room with a pizza, ate, and the kids got ready for bed (it was about 10pm). 2 of us went to the store for milk and when we got back, the kids were watching a movie in the bunk room -- 3 of them in one bed. They were complaining tha

t they didn't all fit in the bed, so I told one to come into the main area and they could lay in the bed there and watch tv. When I pulled back the covers, there was a bug on the pillow. I thought it was just a bug at first, but then looked at the wall and there were several on the wall. I then went into the bunk room and turned on the light and they were all over the walls in there as well. I told everyone to get out of the beds and we started looking between the mattress and box springs and there were more. While my husband and I went to the front desk, my daughter pulled up "bed bugs" on her phone. We were told at the front desk that they wanted to come up to look at the bugs -- they did not act surprised which was a big red flag for us. When the guy came up, he looked at the bugs and said that he didn't think they were bed bugs because "they were trained in what to look for and these didn't look like them to him". We showed him the picture on the phone -- it looked exactly like them. He went to get us a key for a new room which took forever. He went with us for us to inspect the new room (he said he had already been in the room and inspected it for us -- that was a red flag for us as well). We didn't see anything in the new room, but we didn't in the other room when we first arrived either -- I always check. Since we were not comfortable staying there, they refunded us our money and we left the hotel. They were very accomodating as far as a refund went and did not give us any trouble at all. The staff was very nice the whole time. We did put a dead bug in a plastic bag and brought it home with us. Our pest company comes in a few weeks and we will show them to confirm.

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