Seven Clans Casino Hotel
20595 Center St E
Thief River Falls, MN 56701
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Just got back from a stay there and friends had to be moved because there were bedbugs in their room. Found out a few other rooms had to be moved as well. The casino did close down the room to treat it right away and took care of treating the clothing and luggage though.

we stayed July 1 2015 for 2 nights,we noticed some red marks after the first night but did not think anything of it, then more the next morning. On the drive home we kept noticing more and more red spots on the little ones. The doctor stated that they were in fact bed bug bites! Needless to say we will not ever be back to this hotel.We did have a fun time, swimming, sliding, eating and gambling,but there is tons of other gambling hotels and swimming in the USA,

I am responding to the supposed claims of the former employee. I can assure you that every suspected claim is taken very seriously. This type of situation can happen anywhere anytime whether you are staying at a four star hotel or a budget hotel. There is not one single property that is immune. We have proactive measures in place. We inspect our rooms daily. If a person does make a claim of pests in the room I immediately shut the room down for an outside company to come out and inspect.

I worked at seven clans casino. There are bed bugs still living there. Their has been reports from the front desk staff and the reservations staff that they have seen them and they have also been crawling on them. The management there will not do anything about them. When guests report that they have found bed bugs in their room they only get a 10% discount. Most of the people working there do not know they are there. This is a health issue! The health department needs to shut it down and get ri

d of them! Workers and guests have both taken them home with them!

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I am replying to the reports to clear up and get the reports taken down. As we have taken all of these reports or suspected incidents very seriously and have had no problems for some time. If we do get a suspected claim we immediately have the room inspected by a professional outside company that specializes in eradication. We also have the rooms heat and chemically treated to ensure our guests have a pest free room. I also personally contact every person immediately upon being informed of any s

uspected cases.

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Sept 31 2012 room 4009 was bit 3 time on shoulder/back
And once on wrist they moved me to first floor but
I couldn't sleep horrified that this just happened two
Months ago in grand forks geez my luck ill never
Go back and it sucks. Because I liked this casino
But they are letting the hotel slide staff are not
The most energized that I have ever seen and its dirty
Not clean perfect for those critters to stay and eat
The rooms have furniture with cracks in it from the
Wood not being pres

erved which is a have for these
Bugs Please beware be proactive go on utube and
See how to check you hotel before you stay. I did but here
There are too many cracks everywhere I would
Have to tear apart the bed which I can't do

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This problem is NOT new or isolated. We went there with our young kids for a weekend at the water part several years ago. It was the only place we went before visiting my parents home. By the time we knew what had caused our itching and bumps (Dr. visit) it was too late, we had transferred the little critters to my folks' home. They had a nightmare experience in trying to rid their home of them. I tried to deal with the management at 7 clans, but they would not admit to the problem, nor tak

e any responsibility whatsoever. Obviously, we will not return, and have actively encouraged everyone we know to proceed with caution!

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We stayed at Seven Clans in Thief River Falls, MN and had heard they may have had a bed bug problem. It was stated that there had been an isolated incident with a room but it had been taken care of.

We hesitantly booked a room and found it to be very clean and even had a new flat screen TV (just a bonus!). The cleaning staff was very friendly and quick to get us more towels for our room and an extra pillow.

There were no signs of any bed bugs, nor thatthere had ever been an issue. We aren'

t sure if there were problems ,or not, before but you certainly couldn't have proved to me that bed bugs were infesting this beautiful establishment.

Kudos to Seven Clans Casino, Hotel and Indoor Water Park for resolving any issues they may have had. We will ABSOLUTELY be staying there again! The Casino was great, the food was delicious, and the kids had a great time in the newly renovated water park. The only thing we would like to see is automated check in and check out in the Hotel.

Thank you,

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We stayed at Seven Clans Casino and Hotel in September 2010. We have stayed there many times over the last 10 years and no problem. This time we noticed a bad smell when we went in the room but knew they don't always clean that well. The first morning my husband had a few itchy spots on his head and we didn't think anything of it. We left the following morning and when we got home my husband was scratching like crazy on his arms and forehead. I had some marks on my arm but they didn't cause

me to scratch. I looked up on the internet what this could and found out it was bed bugs. I froze the suitcase for a week, washed all clothes in hot water and hot dryer. It caused a lot of stress and we didn't know if we brought any home with us. I vacummed twice a day bought special mattress covers, put all blankets in hot dryer every day and so on. We had the marks or welts for over a week. I called the head manager, Mark Tslieu, no longer there, and he said they had problems with bedbus and were dealing with (burning the mattresses, etc.) We won't stay there again until we know they have got rid of these bugs. It is too bad as our grand children loved the water slides.

yours truly,


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