Mystic Lake Casino Hotel
2400 Mystic Lake Blvd Nw
Prior Lake, MN

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Woke up with bed bugs all over our body and they came and looked and said there was no bed bugs and were rude and didn't give us a refund or anything

i once used the toilet and clogged all the pipes, it backed up and flooded the rooms which killed all the bugs instantly. if u have a problem i suggest to eat a lot of beef stew, beans, and a WHOLE bag of flaming hot cheetoes. you will never have bugs in your room again, i promise.

Elite Dog Detection

My name is David with Elite Dog Detection. Do you guys have a K9 bed bug search program that you utilize? We are an unbiased K9 detection company that will work alongside any pest control company or directly with the customer that could help in the detection process of these pests.

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Not all rooms get the bed bugs, just because you stay in one that does not have them does not mean that they whole hotel is clear of them.

The safety and comfort of our guests is a top priority for all of us here at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel. We have an ongoing inspection program to ensure that our hotel remains free of all pests, and re-inspect immediately whenever any pest concerns are reported. When we received this report (referenced in the comment by “Anonymous” on 8/26/13), we immediately took the room out of order. We thoroughly inspected the reported room and the surrounding rooms. In the case of these rooms, no

bugs of any type were found. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 952-445-9000 should you have any further questions or concerns.

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I stayed at Mystic Lake during the Shakopee Pow Wow this year. I have never encountered bedbugs anywhere before this. We stayed in room 1269 and in the middle of the night, I continously got bit. I must be allergic to bites because my arms were swollen, hot, and very red. I had to purchase Benedryl to maintain because it was seriously itchy. I called Mystic Lake to make a report, but they are claiming they didn't find anything, but I honestly dont believe them or they didn't look well enough! I

found a bedbug on my sheets last night and I am so horrified! I sprayed my house with rubbing alcohol, boiled water and treated my mattress and couches with it. I washed everything that I could find, I need to mop and disinfect anything I see in my home. Now I cant really afford to do this treatment. I am very upset that this has happened to me. I have two children who I just cannot allow to be exposed to something like this. I just don't know what to do! I considered just throwing my entire livingroom set away and my bed too! I'm so fed up and was even injured trying to sanitize my home. I accidently spilled a large amount of boiling water on my hand and got a second degree burn. It's just been a nightmare. I need to approach Mystic Lake and tell them that I believe them to be wrong. I know my only compensation would be a free room, but who wants to stay in a hotel with bedbugs?? I cannot express my disgust!!

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My family and I have stayed at this hotel many times and I have never had a problem with bed bugs! This hotel is very clean and well taken care of!

I will be staying at this hotel for the first time in two years. My kids love the pool and is why I am taking advantage of the complimentary stay. I always look for reports on bed bugs for every hotel that we will reside for a day or so. Two reports is in my opinion, a lot of reports for bedbugs. However, in the time span since, there are no reports. We need to realize that bed bugs are a problem of today and has become a reality,(good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite). We can't b

lame the hotels for this issue. It's the people that stay in these hotels that have bed bugs, which then becomes the hotels issue.
Note to people with bed bugs: Having bed bugs is a disheartening problem. Much care and consideration for others should be given. Don't spread the love. This is a love that I prefer to live without. Educated yourself! Consideration for others may be an isolating life, but its the right thing to do.
Thank u Mystic lake for the complimentary stay. I never have much luck with the slots, but I always have fun losing my money! Lol!

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Mystic Lake Casino Hotel takes the subject of pest control, including bedbugs, very seriously. The safety and comfort of our guests are always a top priority. We have a regular and rigorous inspection process in place, and immediately reinspect when any pest concerns are brought forward. When we received these two reports (referenced in the reports below by “10th Floor” on 8/15/12 and “Anonymous” on 8/09/12), we immediately took action, and the rooms were
taken out of or

der. We inspected the reported rooms, as well as surrounding rooms. We then had a professional pest control company inspect the rooms again. In the case of these rooms, all internal and external inspections resulted in
negative findings. No bugs of any type were found in the room. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the hotel directly at 952‐445‐9000.

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Stayed there last week (August 7, 8, 9) and when I got home I discovered I had approximately 30-40 bites, between my feet, legs, arms, chest, and buttocks. The night I got home, I had someone else sleeping in my bed who did NOT get any bites, leading one to believe they were not in my bed (at that time). Since then I have bug bombed and treated the living hell out of my place only to continue seeing these creepy crawly little bastards in the middle of the night. This isn't my first stay at mysti

c, but it is my first time encountering this issue...if I end up having to throw out my bed, it will be my last. no free room is worth my $2500 bed.

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8/8/2012. We had bed bugs in our room. Had bites all over my legs. They said they didn't find any bugs. Why do I have bites all over my legs then???? The went helpful and treated us like crap. I will never stay here again!!

My husband and I have stayed at this hotel with our kids many times and never seen a bedbug

I have bed staying at Mystic Lake Hotel and still have not againg NOT found any bed bugs. Sounds like someone lost their money and wanted to get back at Mystic.

My mother and aunt visit my several times a year and stay at this hotel when in town. There has never been anything amiss with their rooms, I would hear about it, lol

Very nice hotel and staff.

We stay in the casino once a mounth and have stayed in several rooms, always a different room and have never encountered a bed bug. The rooms are always clean.

we have stayed at mystic 3 or 4 times a year for about 6 years just started looking for bedbugs in the last year never found anything always clean.

This hotel does not have bedbugs. It is so disgusting that people can put stuff like this on the internet and it is not verified if it is true or not!! I am sure it was a person that did not win and loss some money and by saying they have bedbugs would cause them too loose money. Shame on you!!!

We have stayed at Mystic several times and have seen nothing at any of our rooms

I stayed here, absolutley no bed bugs.

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