Delux Motel
516 E Main St
Marshall, MN 56258-2522

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My family and I are staying at Delux Motel as an extended stay while we wait for our house to open up. Upon the first night in our room (118), my wife was bitten on her neck and arm. At first we weren't sure what it was, did a little research and came to believe it was bed bugs. We immediately told the front desk. They assured us that the photos of the bites looked like spider bites, and they have never had reports of bed bugs before. The next night my wife had several more bites, all along her

arms and stomach. All bites were three in a row. We were convinced they were bed bugs. The third night we searched the mattresses and box springs, to find feces and sheddings in the box spring, as well as some bed bugs. We caught a couple of the bugs on tape and took it to the front desk. They squashed the bugs and through the tape in the trash and preceded to tell us that this room has never had bed bugs, and insinuated that we brought them with us. They then gave us a bottle of bed bug spray to use while we're still staying in the room. We read the bottle and it is unsafe to use with people in the room, especially with a one year old. My wife has not gotten any sleep at all, and now my son is starting to show signs of bites. They have done nothing to help resolve the problem.

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