Edgewater Express
2400 London Rd
Duluth, MN 55812-2221

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Stayed there Saturday night. Sunday I had little itchy bumps all over my hands, lower arms and legs. I was on the 4th floor. Wish I would have known. We'd planned to go back this winter, needless to say we'll be staying elseware.

We stayed at The Edge last night and at 2 in the morning my grandma had found a couple little bugs on the sheets. I mentioned that it could have been bed bugs and so we then lifted the fitted sheet and saw a few more and then we began seeing more over the top sheet. Sure enough, they were bed bugs. We put a couple in a baggie and brought them to the front desk and reported it. The manager and head of housekeeping said they will take care of it and gave us a new room that was clean of an

y bugs.

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Bed bugs has always been a problem at the Edgewater along with many other types of insects. Guardian has been to the premises numerous times to spray rooms. The headboard have marks all over the back of them from the bugs. Room 1418 shouldnt be allowed to be rented out along with the whole 2000 building

My roommate and I stayed at the hotel for a weekend in September for military duty. We both came home and ended up with bug bites and sores all over our arms. My sores have now turned into scars. I then came to find out that another individual who stayed at the hotel in a different room that same weekend for military duty also was attacked by the bed bugs as well.

We stayed in this hotel the first week in June 2011. At first the place seemed nice, but in the middle of the night my three year old woke up with what looked like a heat rash and was causing her to itch. Since it wasn't hot (this is Duluth after all) I couldn't figure out how she had gotten this. About an hour later my five year old son got the same looking rash. I got concerned so in the morning I took them to a doctor who said that it wasn't heat rash, but bed bugs. Needless to say we go

t out of there quick. I had to get rid of all our clothes and have our car cleaned out professionally when we got home.

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We checked in on Fri Jan 14th and it was chaotic as there was a hockey tournament in town & the place was full and it took 40mn to check in. I did a sporadic check of our room but not a thourough one. We were on 2nd floor near the rear side entrance. We did see one bed being removed all wrapped in a tarp down on 1st floor by the pool area. I guess I didnt think much of it, until we were told by another family on the morning of Sunday Jan 16th a few hours before we were scheduled to check out

that there was a bed bug incident on Fri morning the 14th but it only affected the 1st floor rooms & that the floor was being treated. The hotel staff at the front desk was mostly highschool & college kids and they were told to act like nothing is wrong or they dont know what people are talking about. A few of the families we were there with tried contacting management and the owners of the hotel and there was no response from either at the time. We did not have a problem with the bed bugs in our room or our belongings however this would have been nice to know for our family and not hidden from us as my husband was recently treated for bed bug bites from another business trip and we would have taken more extreme caution or care of our belongings, our room and possibly made the decision to stay elsewhere if we had known.

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Jan 14th at this hotel they were hauling out bedding, beds, furniture everything in a room because they found bed bugs on the 2nd and 3rd floors of this hotel. Hotel staff did not tell anybody about this problem - instead paying customers that were staying at the hotel had to question them and they confirmed that yes it was a problem.. we left right away when we found out,.....

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