Best Western Sterling Inn
34911 Van Dyke Ave
Sterling Heights, MI 48312

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I was there on 8/28/14, for my Daughters Birthday with 5 other kids, we checked in went straight to waterpark kids already had swim wear on,we stayed till 9:00pm when it closed went back to are rooms the kids pulled the sheets back there was bugs in the bed i called front desk they came up saw it change our room, went to other room check the bed bed bugs in matress stitching switch to another rm. bed bug shells in matress under matress pad,i then ask for a refund they said yes help me pack up my

car told me to come to the front desk for my refund when i got up there no refund was given manager fadi was called he said he not doing anything he with his kids and hung up (very professional manager- u think ),left wihout refund at 12:30am six kids. Call fadi the next morning regarding my refund,he wanted to charge me for the waterpark after i was so inconvienced,what nerve he has wow. Cause of this hotel my daughters birthday celebration was turn to a nitemare.

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I should have know better the moment I walked into this CRAPHOLE of a hotel. The pictures are quite deceiving if you google it, with a well-lit lobby and other "halfway decent" areas of this disgusting hotel. I Checked in on Sunday September 22nd-23rd in room 155. As soon as I entered my room, I could immediately smell the stale smell of cigarettes, and old moldy carpet. Old run down carpets that clearly need to be replaced, not to mention they had the nerve to decorate the room with a nasty old

sofa, like something you would see at a thrift store. I've had bed bugs before at our previous apt., so trust me I know how big of a nightmare it can be, and all it takes is just one little sucker. So... I began pulling back the mattress, sheets and pillows and thoroughly inspected the area. As for my luggage and garment bag... ummm, yeah, as soon as I opened the door when I first entered the room, I figured it was best to just leave all of my personal belongings in my SUV...No way I was chancing ANY kind of critter hitching a ride home with me! I only brought in a couple of items I needed most and kept them on top of the desk and in the bathroom on the counter. Later that evening, It wasn't long before I was awoke from the crappy linens that were super scratchy and uncomfy. I started to itch, and wonder, and then the paranoia sets in, turned all the lights on in the room and checked out the blotchy spots on my skin, however no bumps or welts. I figured why worry all night, and head to bed. 9 am the next morning I woke up with an itch that wouldn't cease, so I lifted my pj pant leg on my right leg, and low and behold....just as I suspected from the beginning, a bed bug bite on my shin. After I took a shower, I noticed a few other bites, but they were smaller. I gathered my few belongings (toiletries sweater and heels), quickly bagged them up (using ice bucket bag, garbage and plastic laundry bags) and checked out. I didn't bother with complaining to the manager at the front desk, because from the looks of it, they've gotten plenty of BB complaints I'm sure that they just disregard. Arriving home, I left all my luggage outside on our balcony for a few days (even though I keep all my bags in the car the entire stay), still not taking any chances. 3 days later... the itching continues with delayed reactions a few more small bites that are starting to unveil. Why I stayed here overnight is beyond me honestly. A friend was kind enough to reserve a room here for me, I didn't want to be rude and leave, plus I was super nauseated from driving on the road all day, and needed to rest. As for returning to this crummy place, NEVER AGAIN. Steer clear of this dreadful place and stay somewhere else, even it's another 6 miles to the next closest hotel!

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I treated my 4 children to an end of school year celebration by taking them to this hotel for the weekend of June 15 and 16 of 2013. We stayed in the Family Suite on the 2nd floor. We had an overall nice stay. However, the nightmare began when returned only to find that bed bugs had hitch hiked a ride home with us in our luggage. I have had to replace 2 sets of bunk beds and mattresses and a queen bed set plus mattress. Not to mention hire an exterminator to rid the bugs of my home. So my $600 c

elebration turned into a $3000 celebration. I will NEVER go there or recommend this hotel to anyone. I have already spread the word to as many as possible concerning this hotels BED BUG PROBLEM.

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I woke up at 2 a.m turned on a light and saw little red bugs crawling in one of the beds. Immediately I called the front desk. A security guard came and seen the bugs. He said he had to one with him. I left the hotel and asked for a refund.
I have not heard anything back from the hotel. No concern at all from them.

Stayed there last weekend and woke up scratching the side of my face under my chin. Had bites on my neck and nape as well. Five days later, I'm still itching!

At 11:30pm I noticed a bed bug crawling on my pillow. I immediately called the front desk and demanded a refund. The said the security had to come down and see the bug first. About 5 minutes later, a housekeepers arrived to verify that it was indeed a bug. I was given a full refund after a little hassle because I prepaid for the room and the clerk claimed she could not find my payment. We ending up leaving at 12:30 am with a full refund.

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