Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Southfield - Detroit
25100 Northwestern Highway Southfield Mi 48075, United States
Southfield, MI

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I arrived to the hotel late at night on the 15 May, i stayed in room 334, worked till 5 am, and slept from 5 to 9, had a shower and left the room for my meeting, as I walked out of my room I noticed that room service was cleaning the room next door, greeted them and left to return on 2:00 pm to find out that they didn't clean the room.
Slept from 2-6 pm and left the room, when I came back i sat on the desk and worked till 2 am, as i Was going to bed a large bed bug was sitting on the pillow, i

killed it immediatly leaving a large line of blood, then i started looking below the sheets, and discovered two mid size bugs, and a lot of eggs, the matress was dirty.
I had a hot shower, gathered my cloths and dumped them in trash, infront of the front desk, and demanded that the manager calls me.
I left to go back home on 5 am, the manager called and he was rude enough to deny that his hotel had bed bugs i sent him the photos that i took, but he wasn't convinced. didn't help in gettign the issue resolved, as they already taken their share of the booking, they only offered a 100 USD Voucher as a compensation, which i didn't accept, as it is nothing in compare to the fact that i lost around 300 USD worth of cloths, and didn't get a sleep that night, and no appology

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Stayed from July 28 for a few days with a large group. On last day there, noticed three small bites close together near inside of elbow when I woke up. Got home threw everything in hot water wash and hot dryer, just in case. Afraid it was not enough. Woke up this morning with two sets of two bites on both sides of upper chest.

I did check the bed and so forth when I first arrived. That was the only night I had actually sat on the couch, wondering if that's where they might have been lur


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June 20 2013. After my first night here I noticed an itchy spot on my arm and bought little of it. The next morning I had several locations where there were three or four painful and itchy bites in a straight line on both sides of my ribs. A google search confirmed my suspicions. I was in room 314.

I went to the front desk and they moved me to another room on a different floor. She offered to comp me the nights stay. I was there feeding their pets three nights already and was clearly no

t happy. I explained I was on corporate travel and it didn't do ME any good to compensate my company for the crap I was going to have to go through to sanitize my clothes, and replace my suitcase. When I called and told my wife about it, she freaked out and said I was not bringing my suitcase and clothes in the house when I get home. Lovely I thought to myself - I'm going to be itching on a plane for four hours, drive an hour after that, and be treated like I have cooties when I get home because I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. Somehow, I did NOT feel very smart!

I haven't heard from the general manager to tell me what they plan on doing to cover the costs of cleaning my clothes and suitcase, but one thing is for sure - I will NOT be staying at this place ever again!

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Night of December 5th, I was in my room at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Southfield, watching TV. I was sitting on the bed and out of the corner of my eye I saw something crawling towards me from the side of the bed. I scooped the bug up in a cup, covered, and looked it up bed bugs online to confirm that it was indeed a bed bug. The bug was indeed a bed bug. I was immediately moved to a different room on a different floor and end of the building by the helpful staff. The following

morning Management was very helpful, courteous, and polite and informed me that they had already contacted the exterminator to handle the situation. I hope and believe the hotel is doing everything to properly handle the situation, but am doubtful as to whether I'd ever stay here again due to this incident. Hotel room has headboards with about a 1/4 inch gap fastened to the wall, making it an additional hideaway for these critters (in addition to mattress and boxspring).

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