Hotel St Regis Detroit
3071 W Grand Blvd
Detroit, MI 48202-3004

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Stayed at the St. Regis April 11-13, 2014. My friend was bitten quite badly by bedbugs while staying here.

We are now under new ownership and management and have implemented a full plan to ensure that we have no bedbug issues. All existing problems have been fully eradicated. We now have the entire facility swept by trained dogs quarterly to ensure that there are no bedbugs in the facility.

Since instigating this policy, we have had no bedbug complaints and can assure that we are a bedbug free facility.

I stayed here for three nights last month. The first night I noticed nothing. The second morning I awoke with bites. I had nowhere else to stay and got absolutely eaten up the last night. There is a vicious infestation at this hotel. I'm fairly minimalist, yet find this hotel unacceptable. Staff is very friendly but seem to have given up on real solutions for the bed bug and the myriad of issues they're dealing with (no AC, etc.) DO NOT STAY HERE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Myself and several friends stayed at the Hotel St. Regis the last week of January. I did not encounter anything in my room, however, both of my friends complained of bedbugs in their rooms.

Complaints to management were rebuffed, almost like they knew about it but would'nt/could'nt do anything about it. By the response we recieved, I'd bet this is an ongoing problem. We won't stay there again, and we will tell our friends.

October 17-18, 2009 my husband and i stayed for the weekend. When we pulled the sheets back, there were (2) dried shells and (1) moving bug.

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