Atheneum Suite Hotel
1000 Brush St
Detroit, MI 48226-2906

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We stayed here from the 14-20 th of February 2014. Early into our stay I had noticed a few small blood stains on my sheet and a day later on my pillow. I didn't think a whole lot of it until we came back from the casino at 5 am. I got in my bed and my friend sat in the other at which time I saw a bed bug crawling on their bed. I squished it and it was entirely filled with blood. A lot of it. It really disgusted me so I checked and found 5 more bugs in and around the bed ruffle of their bed. I

found none in mine but i am sure they were there since I had blood on my sheets too. I had never seen a bed bug until this time. It really freaked me out. Being so early I wanted some sleep so I slept with my clothes on until morning and told the maid. It was an immediate situation. They had bags and 6 people in the room cleaning it immediately. They moved us to another room but I am still a but leery after reading the comments on this site. We were in 720 and are now in 704 where another incident happened. I have to say that they definitely took is issue seriously as they should. They also comped another room for us for the next night. It still makes me itch all over thinking of those ugly little critters. I'm scared to take my stuff in my house. As a precaution I suggest checking the edges of the beds if you stay here. Just for comforts sake. The rooms are very nice. I just don't like bugs...

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I stayed at this hotel at Room 304 on May 23, 2013. The next morning, I found 20 plus bites on my face, eyelids, shoulder and arms. I was severely allergic to the bites and were miserable. I suspect they were bed bug bites so I called the hotel and they said they would investigate and call me back in 1-2 days. Nobody called me in a week! I called them on May 31st and they admitted they did find bedbugs in my room but they would do nothing but to refund my one night hotel expense. They admitted t

hey had outbreak 3 years ago and since then there were no complaints. I just browsed this site and found 4 complaints between 2011-2012. They were lying and I am angry with how they handled my complaint and the poor customer service.

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Found a bed bug on the table during continental breakfast. Took a photo and showed it to the front desk person who asked my room number and said they would look into it bier never heard anything again. I think the hotel knows they have bed bugs and aren't doing anything.

Stayed September 12-14, 2012 in room 704. On my last day, Friday September 14, I saw a bug crawling on the pillow. I also notice blood stains. I took the bug to the manager. She said she would have an engineer look at it. I asked her if it was indeed a bed bug and she said she had been trained and it looked like it was but the engineer would confirm. That afternoon she called me to report that the engineer said it WAS NOT a bed bug. However, 4 days later I erupted in bites all over my arm

s and legs. I did some research on line and the bug I found was identical to the images I found on-line. I also read that it could take up to 9 days before you can feel or see the bites. I took pictures and called frantic the hotel. They refunded me for my stay. The manager also said that the room was being treated. I feel like the hotel knew it was a bed bug but lied to me. This has been a horrible experience and I hope these critters are not in my home. I think the city should check the rooms because I have a feeling that the hotel management may know of the infestation. This has been the worst experience I have encountered at a hotel.

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Stayed on 8/9/12 after Tigers game. Did not notice bites next morning and never saw a bed bug but started itching my side later the next day and found what looked to be a rash with 3 small bumps. The following day I found 3 straight in a line bumps on my arm. Still did not put it together until someone at work told me they looked like bed bug bites. I am now going nuts looking for signs that I may have brought them home. Have not found any but that doesn't stop me from waking in the middle of th

e night thinking I felt something crwling on me. Don't remember what room number but was on the 3rd floor and window looked out to people mover train station.

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Noticed bug bites on upper body on 8/13 and believed they may be mosquitos. Woke up the morning of 8/14/12 and found more bites and blood spots (actually their fecal matter) on pillow. Stripped bed found one dead bed bug. Kept going and found a live one.

Noticed what I thought might have been bed bugs when we woke up on 10/10.

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