Alma Motel
1575 Wright Ave
Alma, MI 48801-1019

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When we first arrived I smelled a urine smell. Then we left and was gone about 4 hours. Returned and I still smelled the urine smell but thought it may have been the bathroom so shut the door. Checked bed and didn't see anything so climbed in. My husband also climbed in. We both got up a bit later to use bathe bathroom and he noticed a blood spot on pillowcase. We threw it off bed. Climbed back in and I started to fall asleep as my husband continued to watch tv. He got back up and the next thing

I knew he was throwing the quilts off the bed. He showed me a cup with 2 bugs in it. I jumped up and we started packing our stuff to leave. My husband said he googled bedbugs and they looked just like the 2 he found. He also killed one other one and believes that the blood was from one that he squished on pillow while he was leaning on it. He also said it said that you may smell a sweet musty smell and that was most likely what I was smelling. He went into office and showed them and told them he wanted his money refunded and they didn't even argue but refunded him.

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