Hampton Inn
9421 Largo Dr W
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774-4758

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I checked into room 518 on January 4th -- we went out to eat early in the evening and I did not get back to my room until around 11pm. I went right to be -- woke up around 3am and noticed a small bug in my bed... it was underneath me -- I removed it and honestly didnt think much of it-- woke up the next morning to goto work and I realized I had what I assumed to be a rash because sometimes when hotels use to much clorox in their linen I tend to break out but it normally goes away after I le

ave the bed... I even took some benydryl to help with the itching.

On this occasion though it didnt get better like normal instead it got worse. Went to the doctors this morning and he said that indeed I had been bitten by bed bugs.

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