Sea Bay Hotel
102 60th St
Ocean City, MD 21842-5332

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June 13-17, 2013:: Our softball teams stayed here for a tournament. One family had both of the beds infested with bed bugs. My friend had one crawling on her arm. We were told the beds had recently been inspected. They moved to a "sister" hotel and insisted on flipping the mattresses - and there were bed bugs in the sister's hotel mattresses also !!! Management accommodated the family's stay at that hotel & at a new location.

Friends and fmaily and I stayed here 10/18/12-10/21/12 for a wedding. My friend and I shared the same room, she checked the bed Thursday when she got there and saw that the box springs and matterss were all wrapped and thought she was good. At 4:24am on saturday she woke becasue she had been bitten twice. Took her two hours to convince herself that maybe it was a spider. We had told the front desk that she got bit but didn't see anything but if they could change the sheets and take a look for us

. We were there when they inspected the room and beds, even had them spray the room. The next day (Sunday) she calls me tells me that she found 3 in the bed frame. So once I got home I went through my bag and everything and found on in my shoe. Washed EVERYTHING to make sure there were no more. The hotel Compt her for her extra night stay and moved her to another room.

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