Princess Royale Hotel Conference Center
9100 Coastal Hwy
Ocean City, MD 21842-2745
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Bed bugs 1/23/2014. My son and I were bitten all over. God aweful place!!!!!!!!!I wish I could post the pictures!!!!!!!!!!Gross!!!!!Management just attacked us when we told them our Dr. confirmed they were bed bugs!!!!!!!!

We have tried numerous times over the 2 years to contact Maciej Ceglowski, the listed owner/admin of this site and we simply can not get a response.

Accordingly, I am posting this to publically request that owner/admin for this page, IF in fact, the page is still even being managed at all, to please respond to the emails that I have sent to you at [email protected]; as instructed on your site.

If you are going to allow anonymous postings, please at least allow the hotels, as you

r instructions state, to dispute. In fact, I will be more than happy to provide you with certificates of inspections from our national pest control company.

Looking forward to your response.

Diane Anderson
Princess Royale Hotel

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Obviously bed bugs are in the Princess Royale Oceanfront and have been for a long time. We stayed there for about 10 years for the VFW Convention and didn't have a problem until this past June. I thought I had sand flea bites around both legs by my ankles. Got home and had more bites. The bed bugs came with me into the bedroom. For 3 months my doctor treated me with steroids thinking I had allergies and he was even sending me to a dermatologist when I spoke to someone who tipped me off abou

t bed bugs and then I searched with the flashlight on the sheets around 3 am and discovered two of the bugs who had hitchhiked from Princess Royale. Now I need an exterminator and it is going to cost $700 for the treatment and then $65 a month for a year to assure they are all gone. They can easily live a year without food so the extended inspections is important. I look forward to contacting the Princess Royale but am not optimistic about any help after the other incidents I read. The registry was told to me by the exterminator. I hope this helps others.

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On Sunday August 31, 2014 we had booked a 2 night stay at this hotel, while we were there we did have a great time until 3 out of the six of us had bed bug bites in the morning! We looked in the beds and bedding and did not actually see them with our own eyes but you can be assured that is what these bites were!

I am so sorry to report unconfirmed bed bugs in this hotel, 2 bedrm condo on 8th floor. In every other way, our stay was very good...until 3 of 6 of us were bitten. We did not find any bugs in the bedding, or their telltale trails. But our bites were unmistakable.

I stayed here with My family for what I thought was a nice 3 day trip ending New Years day. We had to leave one night early because my four year old daughter found a "nest" of bed bugs in between the bed frame and matress on the bottom when she dropped her Barbie. So then my wife went nuts on me and forced us to leave at 3pm today. We got home a little while ago and just wanted to warn others that these guys denied they were bed bugs when I complained asking for refund trailing behind to screami


I did a search and found this site so I decided to give my fair warning. This place must be managed by blind folks. Oh yeah and every post on here seems accurate from what we went through. Right down to the management refusing to give refunds. It's obvious trip advisor is censoring reports as I only found six that had mention of bed bugs and I had to dig hard as hell just now to find them.

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We used to go to the Princess Royale every year until it started to go downhill...this was years ago. Cleanliness was not their strength. The last call was when we first arrived for vacation and found frank red blood in the bathroom on the floor.
They gave us another room.
I reported the dirtiness to management each year and their follow up answer of our last stay was that we should stay somewhere else. We do.

Labor day weekend from hell!!!!!!!!!!

Mike is a jerk!!!

They are not diust mites that bit me and my family!!!!!!!!!!!

They were bed bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to the doctor 15 minutes ago and he confirmed what we endured was a massive bed bug attack!!!!!

Rooms are dirty and dangerous.

I cannot imagine these people even attempt to claim this to be a hotel. More like a youth hostel. Filthy and infested. The management is rude and the only thing that brought us here was the pool. I wish we checked this site before registering. We were bitten only on our legs an stomachs. Some of these other posts reveal far worse. We were lucky. Less than two dozen bites a piece from what we thought were clean Tempur-Pedic beds. We were wrong.
I contacted management. They have not returned our

calls. The front desk is like a drive through at Taco Bell. No speakie English.

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I thought I was in paradise. The next morning I thought it was the other place. I do not think bed bugs are a laughing matter nor do I like poor customer service. Some women named Dina claimed to be the hotel manager. She did not address my concerns over the existence of bed bugs. I feel bad for what I put my family through. It has been many days since we slept in this hotel. Bed bug bites itch for weeks. I would not recommend this hotel.

We stayed in a suite July 13-15 2012. After making the reservations, I started seeing comments and reviews about bedbugs. We were very upset and I emailed the hotel. I was reassured by Diane Anderson that there were no bedbugs at this hotel. She responded to my concerns right away and even emailed me in the middle of the night. When we got to the room we checked it thoroughly and found no sign of any type of bug. We had a Tempurpedic King size bed and it was very comfortable. The room was clean

and the service was excellent. Our main complaint about our stay would have to be with the parking setup. There was a parking garage where you parked and then had to wait for the one elevator in the garage to take you to the ground floor. Then you had to walk across the driveway to the hotel and go to the elevators in the hotel to get to your room.This was a lot to go through, especially with small children. The bellhops were very helpful in assisting us with getting back and forth. Overall, it was a very nice weekend thanks to the staff at Princess Royale.

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I got bitten and reading this site I know why. Bed bugs. I thought chiggers.I won't return. The front desk girl was hot as heck though.

I got bitten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These bite itch so bad. Only took a nap on the couch in my sisters hotel room for four hours before driving back to Annapolis. She got it much worse sleeping a full night in her bed. They wouldn't give her a refund.

There was something crawling on top of one of the pillows.We caught it and put it in a bag. It looked like a bed bug but can't say for sure. We checked out right away. This was in April 2012. I called down and asked for management to come see what we found but they were too busy and granted us a refund when we went downstairs to check out as if it is normal. Very off putting and matter of fact.

My wife and I just returned from a trip to Ocean City where we stayed at the Princess Royale Hotel. We did not encounter any bed bugs, ants, or any creepy crawlers and have read the "reviews" on many sites. It is quite apparent that the reviewer "Ken" is just bitter about everything and you can tell by his use of profanity that he is uneducated. The only "problem" we encountered was due to my need for a wheelchair, and that there was a convention at the hotel, there weren't either enough handica

pped parking or enforcement of people who are too lazy to walk who park in those spaces. Otherwise than that, we will visit this hotel again. We travel alot and have experienced bed bugs at other properties in Ocean City so we know what to look for. The Princess Royale Hotel doesn't have a problem or infestation as Ken claims.

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We stayed at the P.R. oceanfront resort. It seemed nice. There were a lot of minorities in the pool that caused my wife to feel threatened the way they kept looking at her and muttering statements and profanities. That is not the hotel's fault they attract those kinds of guests. I must say the front desk staff were very nice. However I did not enjoy waking up with series of small red bumps. We went online and as soon as we saw what they were we did a report and found this site. We checked out ri

ght away. I will not be returning. We ended up at some small place called the bare foot postal worker or something to that effect. It was very nice. We will go there next time.

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I've come to Ocean City for years and have stayed at the Princess Royale for
the last four trips. The hotel is nicest, cleanest place that I have stayed
at. They also have a very friendly staff. Never had a bug bite even when I
stayed in an oceanfront suite and left my slider open to hear the ocean at night.
Only issue was they were finishing up renovating their atrium pool area and hallways
on my last trip. Would highly recommend.

I brought my daughter for a nice weekend getaway April 7th and 8th. The place was a bit musty and straight out of the disco error decoration but it was ocean front. I found myself itching the next day and had what I thought was a rash. I put aloe vera on it and it did not help. I woke up the next day and it was obvious they were welting up as bites. I got several more that showed up the day after we left. I did not realize they were bed bug bites until my sister saw them. She had stayed at the P

rincess Royale before and also got bitten. She was amazed we hadn't heard about the problems that hotel is experiencing. I called and complained to "Angela" at the front desk or reservations I don't know, however they didn't seem to care. I will not return. I wished they had spent some money on cleaning that place up. It was cheap to stay but no worth it.

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Unfortunately, “Ken” has posted more profanity laced, inaccurate and libelous statements on this anonymous site. I have given “Ken” my full name, phone #, and most recently my email address so that I could personally address his concern. I have not received any correspondence from “Ken” including email which our software company will attest to.

It is unfortunate that in this day and age an anonymous individual can besmirch the reputation of another wit

h impunity. I encourage anyone to contact me directly at 410.524.7777 or [email protected] Sincerely

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So I emailed the below mentioned email address and no response just like to all the messages. This manager guy is full of shit. He is attempting to save face on this site and in no way takes the customer's problems seriously. This hotel is infested. It's obvious from all the reports and my personal experience. I will never be back and Mike, hey fuck you and your bed bug ridden hotel rooms. I am done with you guys. I did speak to an attorney and we are meeting next week. Apparently you have a rep

utation for being sued by your guests. He went to that Maryland Judiciary Case and looked you guys up. There are interesting lawsuits against this hotel. Michael David Foelber , grow up and stop playing games with your victims. We can take these issues up in District Court and don't think for a minute that I haven't written everything down. I will print up your false statements on this site to show the character of you and your employer, seeing as how you are representing them on this site. Best of luck.

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Ken, As confirmed by our national pest control company, we do not have a bed bug issue but we do have a communication issue. On the date of your call, Thursday 4/12, our front desk was checking in 200 rooms and I can only imagine that the clerk misplaced your message while assisting guests checking in. Ken, I understand your frustration, and want our pest control company to double check your room. Please email me at [email protected] with a convenient time for me to contact you and pe

rsonally address your concern. Sincerely,

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I saw the Manager posted a plea to have me call him. I did. He is never in. I made the front desk girl take down my name and number and personally see to it that he received it. This was 3 days ago on the 12th of April. No call as of yet. I think this man is attempting damage control for a problem they are all to familiar with. Besides a lack of customer service they are experiencing a serious lack pest control in regards to bed bugs.

Ken, Our records and that of our national pest control company indicate no signs of bed bugs this year. I and our Guest Service Manager check our voice mails daily and have received no voice mail from you. Given that this website accepts anonymous posts, would you be kind enough to contact me directly at 410-524-7777 so that I may personally address your concerns? Sincerely,

My name is Ken. I stayed at this hotel with my son last weekend. We had some weird bites on my son and myself. They occured the morning after our first night (Friday). We had even more on Sunday when we checked out. We showed the front desk girl and she said it was more than likely bed bugs but we needed to go to a Dr. and have them examined. She said they had been having "issues". She was nice about it. I took my son to the Dr. who confirmed insect bites most likely bed bugs. I contacted manage

ment on Wednesday and left a voice mail. Then another on Thursday and another Friday. i called Saturday and spoke to the front desk who put me on hold and then came back and asked to take a message. It is Sunday. Easter. The bites have gone away about 50%. No one has called us back. We will never deal with these assholes again.

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Darren, Our staff just noticed your post and unfortunately no managers, staff or myself have any recollection or documentation of bed bug bites reported during your dates of stay indicated. I also double checked our Guest Service Call Log - that documents every guest concern or request - for the first week of March and found no guest inquiries of this matter.
This issue is taken very seriously by our staff and our nationally recognized pest control company who we invest thousands of dollars

per year to ensure that our suites exceed our guests' expectations. Our pest control company also confirmed that no bed bug evidence was discovered during the dates of stay indicated, or for anytime during 2012! Please be assured that when a hotel does have an issue such as this, it is due to the insects being brought into the hotel via prior guests and their possessions. However, when promptly handled by professionals, the issue is immediately eliminated. It is important to note that even 5 star hotels can and do have this issue.
Darren, please contact me directly so that I may address your concerns.

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Bed bug bites on stay from 3/1-3/3 2012. Stayed with small child. Child bit head to toe. I only have maybe 18 bites total. Got worse after we left. Went to Doctor today. Confirmed bed bugs. I called several times. They haven't called back to say sorry or anything. Never going back.

Princess Royale, Oceanfront Ocean City Maryland. I stayed at the Princess Royale Ocean front Resort and hotel,condominium facility because of the inside swimming pool being so appealing. The first night at the Princess Royale led to a bunch of red bumps right next to each other. I showed my sister and she said it looked like bed bug bites (she stayed at Holiday Inn). I went back to my room at Princess Royale and took off all the sheets and sure enough there were blood trails where the bed bugs h

ad deficated human blood all over the matress under what seemed to be clean sheets. I told the front desk and they moved me up 3 stories and to the other side of the building. I woke up the next day to even more bites totaling around 100 now. I confronted front office staff and they offered me 10 percent off my next stay. I checked out and will never return. They were not at all shocked. They said they have been having problems on all floors and in all rooms but just can't seem to kill them with the chemicals they use. They come back quickly. I feel bad for them but they should really find a better way to kill these things rather than allow the bites to continue.

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