Comfort Inn Gold Coast Ocean City
11201 Coastal Hwy
Ocean City, MD 21842-2513

Found 3 reports:

Ive stayed at this hotel many many many times, and have never had a problem. People bring bugs back into the rooms thats not the hotels fault

Stayed for 3 nights in August 2013. On the last night felt lots of itching, red bumps and a lot of bed bugs bite marks predominantly on left arm and some on right arm. Few days later and still itching a lot with the bite marks a lot more pronounced.

Weekend of March 8th my daughter and I stayed in room 203. Slept in bed Friday night and as I was getting ready for bed Sat night I noticed about 8 bites on my leg and 2 on my arm. They were itchy, red and a bit raised. When I then looked in the bed I noticed the tiny black spots or excriment from bed bugs. I noticed 2 bed bugs and decided that was enough evidence for me. We checked out at 1:00am and drove 3 hours back home.

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