Quality Inn & Suites
440 Bedford St
Lexington, MA 02420-1547

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I just want to say that this place and the people that run the place is very nice and BED BUG FREE. NO BUGS AT ALL. I cant stand, plus I'm afraid of bedbugs. I don't like bugs of no kind. I live in Cincinnati, OH and went to Lexington, MA on 8/26/14 to 9/2/14. My husband, myself and my daughter whom is a adult flew there and back. She has a Specialist Doctor that she sees in Newton, MA. We all 3 went there for business and pleasure. Myself nor my husband has ever been to MA. It was breath taking

and beautiful. We flew into Boston-Logan Airport. rented a car, and drove to the Quality Inn & Suites in Lexington, MA not far from Boston, Salem or Plymouth. The hotel has accommodations for everyone likes. The prices was very reasonable. The pool, and housekeeping was very nice. AND IT HAD NO--I REPEAT NO BEDBUGS AT ALL. I checked first, and we didn't get no bites of no kind. I would recommend this place to everyone that's going to Boston, MA or area. We will go back.

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I stayed at this hotel for 4 nights for business at the office park right next door to it. I was in room 1201 for the last two nights, which is where I believe the bed bugs came from. Two days after my return home, my husband and 3-year old daughter, who sleeps in our bed, woke up covered in bites on their groin/legs. I believe the bed bugs came home in my suitcase, which I had placed on the second bed in my hotel room. I left messages at the hotel, and never received a phone call back. I inform

ed my place of business and they will never have another employee or client stay there again.

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Just an addition to my March 26th report. I ended up with 26 bites (not 12 as previously reported) which required medication for the itch for 9 days. Manager said they could not find any sign of bed bugs but treated the room just the same. I was in room 1121.

I stayed at this Quality Inn March 21st and 22nd, 2013. I received approximately 12 bed bug bites. This is a very new and unpleasant experience for me.

Was here on Dec.12, 2012. The next day my entire neck, arms, chest, and back were covered in bed bug bites. There were also a few bites on my face! I have counted about 90 bite marks so far.

The rooms look nice, but don't let that fool you. It fooled me!

I was in room 3207 on 9/1, woke up in the middle night covered with bed bug bites.

I had a 2 night stay on business beginning 8/21/2012. I didn't really notice anything wrong on 8/22 but by 8/23 I was covered head to tow in bed bug bites. I was in room 3207.

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