Sheraton Boston
39 Dalton St
Boston, MA

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Stayed in the end of December. Found single adult bed bug on top sheet on one of the beds in a double bed room on one of the highest floors.

Hotel staff handled the situation well (as describe by the other recent report) but it took all morning to sort things out.

November 2014: I had the exact same experience as a previous poster. I stayed on the next-to-top floor of this hotel and I dozed off while reading in an upholstered chair by the window, in the daytime. I awoke with itching, and wondered if I was allergic to the fabric of the chair. I found at least 50 bites on my face, shoulders, arms, hands, back and legs. A physician with our group confirmed the pattern of bites as being from bedbugs (bites in a row). I called management, and was impressed wit

h their response. A manager and the head of housekeeping showed up right away, went through the room, and did find evidence. They moved me to another room stated to be bug-free, and took all my clothes, backpack, and luggage and had everything steamed-cleaned and sealed. The management also offered to find medical treatment and medications as needed (I declined). The head of housekeeping discussed extensively how to prevent taking bugs home.

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I stayed here on 10/13/10 and thought i saw a dead bug on the bedspread. I reported it to the manager the next morning upon checkout. He called me later that day to tell me they saw no bugs upon visual inspection but brought in the exterminator and had the dogs sniff for bugs - it came back positive. The hotel was extremely professional and said my room will be off limits for three weeks. They also are paying for all of my clothes to be dry cleaned. They couldn't have handled the situation

better. I will come back to this hotel based on how they handled this situation.

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Stayed on the second-highest floor of the non-renovated tower (think it was the West tower?) the first week of March 2010. I was there three nights total. The first two nights were bite-free. On the third night, a Friday night, I was bitten about half a dozen times by bedbugs while sitting in the upholstered arm chair near the window. It was the first time I'd sat in that chair.

Reported this to management, they took it very seriously and brought in an extermination company Monday morn

ing, then followed up with me by phone and letter. Even gave me advice prior to my check-out to help prevent the bugs from getting into my home. Lots of hotels have bed bugs, especially on the east coast, but most don't have management that take it seriously. Here, they do.

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Stayed on Jun 7th in an upper floor and realized I had bedbug bites the day after. At first I thought they were mosquito bites but I found 7-8, some of which lined up in a row! I'm mortified.

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