Milner Hotel Boston
78 Charles St S
Boston, MA

Found 2 reports:

I stayed for one night in this Hotel, 9th of July 2011. When I was packing my suitcase just before checking out, I saw a bed bug crawling over the bed. At first, I thought I was lucky not to be bitten at that time, but it seemed bad luck after all, because they hitch-hiked with me to The Netherlands and are causing a lot of trouble at home now. Be careful with this hotel, check your room before using it!

I checked into the hotel On October 2, 2008. There was a HUGE infestation in my room and I found bites all over my body. I was in room 103. I reported the incident, they told me they would discontinue use of the room. I changed rooms, but I was still being bitten.

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