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Stayed in room 1103 last night, September 1. Woke up this morning to start our drive back home to NJ and my husband and I both started to itch and have bites appear in rows up and down our legs. Disgusting.. Called the hotel 2 times to let them know about problem, was told the manager "probably" will call us back. This hotel appears clean and neat from the outside- stay away!!

Stayed at this hotel 3/1/13 and woke up with bedbug bites. Also I found one in my home the other night so I'm very concerned they came from this hotel. Not happy. Do NOT stay here unless you want to pay for bed bug removal later.

We are sorry to hear of your experience. The room in question was last inspected by our pest control company / bed bug sniffing dog on 07/06/12 and is checked on a bi-quarterly basis. In addition, all rollaways and cribs are inspected also. As a result of your feedback the room indicated and all cribs have been reinspected by our pest control company / bed bug sniffing dog, yet there is no indication of any type of infestation. If you would like to discuss further please contact the hotel ma

nager directly at (617) 357-6400.

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Our small child awoke with a large number of bed bug bites after a two night stay ending July 15, 2012 in Room 809. He was staying in a pack-n-play provided by the hotel. Neither my wife or I had any bites. I suspect the bugs were either in the pack-n-play or the sheet that we were given.

We informed the front desk immediately and received little reaction, other than them noting the room number on what appeared to be a random piece of paper.

On February 10th, the bi-quarterly inspection was completed for Club Quarters Boston, by a licensed pest control specialist and bed bug sniffing dog. Again, there was zero indication of bed bug infestation in any of the rooms, including the room that had an erroneous inspection in January.

At Club Quarters, we are passionate about ensuring that we provide our guests with a bed bug free experience. As such, all of our rooms are inspected on a quarterly basis by a licensed pest control company, accompanied by a bed bug sniffing dog. Our most recent inspection was completed on January 4th 2012 and all rooms declared bed bug free at that time. Should we receive a feedback regarding one of our rooms, the room is immediately removed service, pending inspection by the licensed pest co

ntrol company, and bed bug sniffing dog. The room is not released for occupancy until it has been cleared by the pest control company as ‘bed bug free’. We remain confident that our rooms continue to be ‘bed bug free’ as a result of our aggressive inspection program.

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Follow up:
After posting my report here and contacting the hotel to notify them of the situation I was contacted by their manager, Conrad. Conrad was accusatory with me by asking if I could have gotten the bites in another hotel in the area and if they really were bedbug bites. I assured him they were. He them proceeded to harass me for the next two days via telephone asking for my email and such wanting me to remove my report on the bed bug registry. I explained we were not upset we just didn

't want anyone else to get bit. We certainly don't want a voucher for a stay or anything, lord knows we'd never stay again in light of the bites and how we've been treated as a result. There are cleaner hotels with friendlier staff that can serve you better.

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Stayed and received multiple bites from bedbugs on what was supposed to be a nice night out with the hubby.

Club Quarters is very committed to proactively managing the issue of bed bugs in our hotels through the in-depth training of our staff, the involvement of independent pest control companies and the utilization of the latest treatment technologies. Rooms are taken out of service immediately and are not returned to service unless they are provided with an ‘all clear’ by the independent pest control company. Club Quarters of Boston also goes a step further and proactively inspects each room by

a trained professional twice annually as a enhanced preventive measure. Our preventive steps and aggressive actions are consistent and effective.

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Found a dead bed bug in the bed. Got a couple of bites. Eek!

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