Best Western Inn at Longwood
342 Longwood Ave
Boston, MA

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We stayed at this hotel in 2007 there were bedbugs then which I reported to the staff. They assured me they had exterminated using accepted methods. They even said they had bedbug detecting dogs in. I doubt this as they did not seem to take the problem seriously.

I stayed at this hotel and not only were there bed bugs, but enormous roaches. The roaches were so bad, I actually caught one trying to crawl in my luggage. When I went to the lobby, they weren't surprised and did nothing to accommodate us. In fact, I submitted this review to several travel sites, and was pressured by the hotel to remove all reviews, so a year later let's see how they try to fight it.

I stayed in room 527 on May 14th to the 15th 2012. When i woke up on the 15th I had several bed bug bites.

I stayed at Best Western At 342 Longwood Ave from Monday April 9 checking out on Saturday , April 14. Room 725. I spent all my time either sleeping at the hotel or staying inside at Brigham and Women's hospital, only going outside to walk between the 2 buildings. On Friday morning I noticed itching on my left lower shin, and found a line of inflammation and 2 small but noticeable bites. I also found a similar bite and inflammation and bite on my right wrist. As bed bug bites usually become n

oticeable after 9 days, it may be that more bites appear. Interesting to note, during that week the Hotel changed all the mattresses and box springs on the 7th floor. The mattresses and box springs were thrown into the Hotel dumpster, which is huge and open to Binney Street. The doors to rhe loading/dumpster dock are always open.That night, on the way to the Hospital I saw people lined up taking these mattresses and box springs, loading them on top of their cars. There was a man with a phone standing on the loading dock organizing the distribution, it was unclear if this man was a hotel employee as he was not wearing a Hotel uniform. I believe these were infested mattresses.

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